How to Write a Dating App Bio That Will Get You More Matches

That little box of text can help you get just as many right-swipes as your best selfie.

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It's easy to neglect the humble dating app bio—that small box of text lurking below your carefully curated selection of head shots, marathon finishes, and beach photos from last summer when you may or may not have been 10 pounds lighter. Sure, profile pictures might be what most people focus on at first, but a fun and witty bio is often the kicker—the tipping point that ignites an engaging conversation, helps you find instant common ground, and leads to an actual date.

One: Maximize your space.

Some dating sites allow you to fill in pages of information about yourself. Others, like Tinder, only have enough room for a few sentences. Murray says you should fill out all or most of the space you’re given, but “don’t waste your profile.”

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“It’s like marketing; you have to catch their eye,” he says, but don't overthink it. “Just be honest, be yourself, and say what you’re excited about.”

Two: Avoid cliches.

Say, do you like to travel? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Speaking generally about how much you enjoy sightseeing is a giant cliche. “Cliches are bad icebreakers,” Murray says, partly because they’re often generic and vague. “You can do a better job at setting people up by being more specific.”

For instance, instead of merely talking about your willingness to skip town at a moment’s notice, say where you just traveled to—or the next country you plan to visit. Those specifics will increase the likelihood of kicking off a great conversation.

Try: “I love to go on one big trip every year. Last May it was Italy, and this June I'm going to China!”

Three: Don’t list the personality traits you want.

Other people often list traits or behaviors they want or don’t want in a partner, but that can end up coming off as overly negative and exclusionary, Murray says. For instance, some people like to say smokers should swipe left, or that they want someone of a certain body type. “Saying what you want in a partner doesn’t really work in that confined of a space,” he says. Instead, you might try something a little more tongue-in-cheek, or focus more generally on how you could imagine spending time together.

Try: “I'm looking for someone who will go to Target with me on Sunday mornings to walk around pointlessly and leave with bags of stuff we didn't go there for.”

Four: Focus on your best qualities.

Keep things focused on your biggest passions: how you stay active, your favorite types of movies and TV shows, whether or not you love to cook. It’s okay if your nine-to-five isn't one of them: Murray says he used to work a desk job he hated, but when he went on dating sites, he’d focus on a side project he felt good about. “If you don’t want to talk about it, it shouldn’t be in your profile,” Murray says.

Try: “Escaping from reality is important, especially in my line of work. In the winter I love to go snowboarding in Vermont. I'm a beginner, but I have faith I'll be off the bunny slope soon.”

Five: Stay grounded in reality.

Lies and exaggerations often come back to bite guys in the ass, Murray says. “When you embellish too much of your ideal self, and then they meet you and you’re not those things, you tend to get ghosted,” he says.

The same goes for talking about something you plan to do. For instance, if you put in your bio that you like working out, but in reality, you just hope to in the future, leave it out.

Try: “I try to stay as active as possible, but I also don't feel bad when I skip CrossFit to stay in and watch football."

Six: Limit the inside jokes.

A witty bio can really stand out, but if a lot of people don’t get the joke, it might not work well for you, Murray says. The same goes for emojis: They’re fun among friends, but a stranger might interpret them differently. Deploy them sparingly.

Try: “I'm not the greatest cook in the world, but I enjoy it. Send me your best turkey chili recipe.”

Seven: Keep your bio up to date.

Bios shouldn’t be set in stone, Murray says. Think of it almost the way you would about a profile on LinkedIn. Drop in every now and then to freshen things up with news of your most recent goals or accomplishments, like the half marathon you just signed up for. The same goes for whatever TV show you’re binge-watching at the moment. You might find a fellow super-fan willing to debate the latest True Detective fan theory they stumbled across, rather than someone who thinks you're still plodding through the first season of Bojack Horseman.

Try: “Counting down the days until the Game of Thrones premiere. Tell me your craziest theory."

Eight: Do a quick spell-check

Fine, maybe you’re not trying to win a spelling bee here, but details matter—people will judge if you make too many mistakes, especially common ones like writing “their” instead of “they’re.” Murray also says to avoid using too much slang, which could come off as immature or, again, turn people off if they feel like they're not in on the joke.

Instead, workshop your bio using a basic word processor like Google Docs, and leave the spell checker on to help safeguard you against any glaring errors, he says.

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How to Write the Perfect Dating Profile Bio (+15 Ideas to Use on Tinder, Hinge, Etc.)

How to Write the Perfect Dating Profile Bio (+15 Ideas to Use on Tinder, Hinge, Etc.)

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The first step to success on any dating app is setting up a great profile. The world of online dating requires you to summarize your personality, interests, values, and more in just a few pics and a couple of short lines.

Sound impossible? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

How to Craft The Best Online Dating Profile

Nearly 45 million people in the United States use dating apps. So, needless to say, it’s important to make your online dating profile stand out from the crowd to get potential matches to swipe right.

The best dating apps will guide you through the process of putting together your profile and some even provide prompts to help you showcase more of your personality.

Solid prompt answers are definitely important, but you really want to nail down your profile bio in order to catch someone’s attention.

Amie Leadingham, says, “A good Tinder bio starts with standing out from the crowd by making your profile engaging”. But you want to make sure you’re engaging the right people, which is why the dating coaches and dating experts of the world agree that being authentic in your dating bio is key.

Alexandra Tweten, creator of Bye Felipe and author of Bye Felipe: Disses, Dick Pics, and Other Delights of Modern Dating , says the best way to make your dating app profile stand out from the crowd is originality, “Have a personality. Say something funny or interesting about yourself. And if you can’t think of anything, ask a friend for a suggestion, or even ask them to write it for you! Sometimes it’s hard to identify our own best qualities, so ask someone who knows.”

Being true to who you are and what you like will help ensure that you’re attracting the right matches and will lead to better chemistry when it comes to first dates.

What to Include in Your Dating Profile Bio

Every dating app differs in terms of setup, but the majority of profiles on dating sites will start with an “About Me” section (after the selfies of course).

The “About Me” section typically includes at a minimum: your name, age, and location. Tinder lets you select interests as well, with options ranging from biking to karaoke. Bumble bios let you specify your drinking and smoking preferences, as does Hinge, which also has options to include political party, religious stance, vaccination status, and more.

So your options depend on which dating app you’re using but we’ll focus on a few key pieces of information that we think you should include in all of them.

1.) What you’re looking for: This is the number one must-have in your dating bio. There is no point in telling someone more about yourself if they’re not on the same page as you. You don’t want to get into a great conversation with someone, only for it to go nowhere when you find out they’re looking for a casual hook up and you’re looking for a serious relationship. People tend to shy away from being upfront about what they want. It can feel vulnerable to say out loud “I want something serious”, but you’re definitely not alone if that is what you’re looking for. In fact, 80% of Tinder users are looking for a long-term relationship.

2.) Your interests: These are the real conversation starters. Along with your pictures, your interests will tell your potential match if you two have things in common. Talk about how you spend your time, what you’re passionate about, and what matters most to you in life.

3.) What you want in a potential match: One of the best profile tips from Bumble is to communicate what type of person you’re looking for. Are you a big hiker and you’re looking for a fellow outdoors enthusiast to go on adventures with? Maybe you’re a homebody and your ideal partner is someone content with staying in, ordering takeout, and watching a movie on a Friday night. Whatever you’re into, make it clear, so other daters know if they fit the vibe you’re looking for.

There’s not a hard-in-stone template for what should and shouldn’t be in your dating app profile, but if you include these three, you’re in a good spot.

What Not to Include in Your Dating Profile Bio

This wouldn’t be a good guide without some notes on what NOT to do when it comes to your dating app bio.

1.) Avoid corny pick-up lines: While there might have been a time when these worked on dating apps, that time is now over. Your bio is precious real estate and wasting it on a cheesy one-liner is doing a disservice to you and the other daters looking for real connection. Alexandra Tweten recommends avoiding cliches or jokes that are over done, “If you’re a man, whenever women see "If you don't look like your profile pics, you're buying the drinks until you do," it makes us want to throw our phones into a volcano.”

2.) Short bio: These are far too common. It’s quite a turn off when people don’t put any effort into their profile. How are you supposed to get any sense of who they actually are if the only thing on their tinder profile is: “Looking for fun” or “Trying to get off of here as soon as possible”.  A little mystery is great, but your dating profile bio is not the time to hold back information in an effort to seem cool.

3.) Negativity: Another big tip from the dating experts is to avoid negativity in your online dating profile. Tweten advises to “Keep it about yourself. Don’t phrase anything in the negative...Instead, include what you ARE looking for and avoid describing any physical appearances. Keep your “no’s” list to yourself. That’s for you to filter out on your own. Even if you’re not typically attracted to blondes, you don’t have to say it in your profile.” So, try to keep it positive to avoid seeming like a downer or triggering red flags.

Now on to the Dating Profile Bios Ideas

We’ve put together a bunch of bio ideas, ranging from cute to funny to creative and even the unexpected. Feel free to use any of these as a starting point and add anything else that you think might be important (remember: what you’re looking for, your interests, and what you want in a potential match)

* We don't subscribe to the gender binary, so use these dating bio examples as you please, but for the sake of this showing up in search results, we've categorized these ideas into dating bio examples for women and dating bio examples for men.

Online Dating Profile Examples for Women

Funny dating bio examples:.

Long walks on the beach (with a twist): I enjoy long walks on the beach, cute dogs, and my weekly session with my therapist.

Overrated/Underrated: Overrated: Cheesy pick up lines Underrated: Sending me a shark tank pitch for why I should go out with you

Most controversial opinion: My most controversial opinion: ketchup belongs on everything—if you disagree, it’s best if you don’t see me in a restaurant setting.

Cute dating bio examples:

Looking for someone to: Looking for someone to exhaust all take-out options with.

First rounds on me if: First rounds on me if you work in tech too (you need a drink).

Dating me is like: Dating me is like watching a Jordan Peele movie: a healthy mix of unexpected twists and character development for everyone involved.

Creative dating bio examples:

Rate yourself:

Likes and dislikes:

Two truths and a lie: I’m a great cook, I’ve been to 18 countries, and I’m on here to find love"(this could be a cheeky idea if you’re looking for something casual).

Online Dating Profile Examples for Men

Swipe right, swipe left: Swipe right if you enjoy a good debate. Swipe left if you “don’t talk about politics”.

I may not, but I am: I may not know my way around the wine aisle, but I am a dive bar connoisseur.

By day/By night: Financial analyst and dad dog by day, aspiring salsa dancer and jazz club enthusiast by night

How friends describe you: My friends describe me as “the life of the party”, “their go-to for a good time”, and “in desperate need of someone to take me off their hands”.

Would you rather?: There’s about a milion of these to choose from. Try to pick one that will tell you something interesting about the other person.

Pros and cons list:

And you’re off...

Best of luck! Remember to be yourself, keep an open mind, and as always when it comes to online dating, be safe and use caution .

how to write a good bio on dating app

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how to write a good bio on dating app

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Garbo is a new kind of background check for the digital age.

Sarah Scoop

How to Write a Tinder Bio + 70 Example Bios

Having a great Tinder bio is a good way to get more matches and have better conversations. However, there are lots of different methods for writing a good bio . If you want to write a tinder profile bio, the best way is to show your true colors. If you are beginning to write a dating profile, we are here to help and give out tips on how to write a Tinder bio!

how to write a tinder bio

Your Tinder bio is one of the most important aspects of your profile. It’s a great way to give potential matches a quick look at who you are and what you’re interested in.

If you want to write a good Tinder profile, here is the scoop on how to write a Tinder bio!

What is Tinder?

Tinder is an online dating app that allows you to browse through potential matches within a certain mile radius of your location. You can “like” or “dislike” each person by swiping right or left. If you both like each other, you can start chatting!

Your Tinder bio is the first thing potential matches will see when they come across your profile. It’s important to make a good first impression, so take some time to write something that shows off your personality and interests.

Also, be sure to include a few good photos! People are more likely to swipe right if they see a photo that catches their eye.

Setting Up Your Profile

When you first open the Tinder app, you’ll be asked to sign in with your Facebook account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to set up your profile.

You’ll start by writing a short bio. This is your chance to show off your personality and give potential matches a glimpse of who you are. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to show your sense of humor!

Next, you’ll need to select a few photos for your profile. Tinder allows you to upload up to six photos, so make sure you choose ones that highlight your best features.

Finally, you’ll need to set your location. This is how potential matches will know how far away you are.

Once you’re all set up, you’re ready to start swiping!

Swiping Right and Left

When you come across a potential match, you can swipe right if you’re interested, or swipe left if you’re not. If you both swipe right, you’ll be able to chat with each other.

If you’re not interested in someone, it’s best to just swipe left and move on. There are plenty of other fish in the sea!

How to Write A Tinder Bio

There are a few different ways you can go about writing a great Tinder bio, but the first step and most important thing is to be yourself. Be creative, have fun, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Some great ideas for your Tinder bio include listing your favorite TV shows, sharing an unpopular opinion, or telling a funny fact about yourself. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s something that will make potential matches want to learn more about you.

Sean Rad, the co-founder and CEO of Tinder, has said that the most important thing in a good profile is “a great photo followed by a funny bio.” So make sure you have both covered!

Some things you should avoid in your Tinder bio include mentioning your ex, being negative, or using pickup lines. You want to make a good first impression, so it’s best to steer clear of anything that could turn potential matches off.

At the end of your bio, you can also include a call to action, like “Swipe right if you’re looking for a new friend!” This is a great way to encourage potential matches to start a conversation with you.

Another great idea is to have an open-ended bio that can serve as a tinder pickup lines to start a conversation.

Tinder Bio Examples

Now that you know how to write a good Tinder bio, here are some examples of the best Tinder bios!

1. “I’m the nice guy you’re looking for.”

how to write a good bio on dating app

2. “I’m the type of person who always wants to try new things.”

3. “I’m looking for a serious relationship, but I’m also open to having some fun.”

4. “I love comedy shows and Sunday mornings.”

5. “I’m a nice guy who’s looking for a serious relationship.”

6. “I’m a single word: Fun.”

7. “I’m looking for a long-term relationship, not just a hookup.”

8. “I’m an interesting person with a lot to offer.”

9. “I’m looking for someone who shares my interests.”

how to write a good bio on dating app

10. “I’m a fun-loving person who’s looking for a good time.”

11. “I’m a serial dater, but I’m also looking for a serious relationship.”

12. “I love peanut butter, but I’m also allergic to it.”

13. “I’m a nice guy, but I also have a dark side.”

14. “I’m looking for someone who can make me laugh.”

15. “I’m a funny guy who’s looking for a great time.”

16. “I’m a potential partner, not a serial killer.”

17. “I’m looking for someone who shares my sense of humor.”

how to write a tinder bio

18. “I’m looking for someone to share my life with.”

19. “I love spending time with my family and friends.”

20. “I’m looking for someone who is kind, caring, and genuine.”

21. “I’m a Mario Kart aficionado and I’m looking for someone who is as well.”

22. “I’m the type of person who loves to have a good time.”

23. “I’m looking for someone who is down-to-earth and genuine.”

24. “I enjoy spending time outdoors, so if you feel the same give me a right swipe!”

25. “My ideal first date is a nice dinner and a movie. I have a good sense of humor so you are sure to have a great time!”

26. “Swipe right and tell me your unpopular opinions.”

how to write a good bio on dating app

27. “It is a good idea if you swipe right if you like a guy full of bad puns and interesting facts!”

28. “Fun fact: My favorite song is ‘Cold Heart.’ What’s yours?”

29. “In case you can’t tell from my profile picture, I don’t spend lots of time on dating sites but I am looking for the right person. I promise I will make a good match.”

30. “Just looking for someone to cuddle with during zombie apocalypse.”

31. “I’m looking for my forever person. You know, the one I can’t live without.”

32. “I’m the human equivalent of a Sunday morning hangover.”

33. “I’ll never say no to an Adventure Time marathon.”

34. “I’m the girl you can take home to mom and dad… but also the girl you can have a one night stand with.”

35. “I’m equal parts sugar and spice (and everything nice).”

how to write a good bio on dating app

36. “I’m the life of the party, but I can also be a total homebody.”

37. “Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.”

38. “I’m looking for someone who likes long walks on the beach and Netflix bingeing.”

39. “I’m the type of person who will dance in the rain, but I’ll also just stay in and watch Netflix.”

40. “I’m a sucker for love stories and cuddling.”

41. “I’m a sucker for love and cuddles.”

how to write a tinder bio

42. “Fancy meeting you here. A good thing about me is that I am a great cook and I love to spoil my dates.”

43. “I love meeting new people with similar interests.”

44. “Let’s get to know each other. I want to know your favorite food, favorite band, and favorite show.”

45. “A great example of my guilty pleasures include binging Netflix and sleeping in.”

46. “Save yourself the time from swiping on boring profiles, swipe right on me instead!”

47. “This may be a bad idea, but swipe right and message me your favorite weird fact.”

48. “Just a nice guy looking to meet like-minded people and maybe for the love of god find a partner.”

49. “Please enjoy my perfectly curated selection of good photos and a list of bullet points to date me.”

50. “I am an excellent example of a quality boyfriend, in a fun way.”

how to write a good bio on dating app

51. “9 out of 10 dating experts say I’m quite the catch.”

52. “I don’t need much time to plan the perfect date night. Why don’t you swipe right and let me show you?”

53. “Swiping right on me is the best choice. It may be the last time you need to use the most popular dating app.”

54. “I’m looking for someone who likes to have fun and enjoys life.”

55. “I like a girl who isn’t afraid to send the first message.”

56. “I’m a total foodie, and I love to cook.”

how to write a tinder bio

57. “I’m looking for someone who shares my passion for travel.”

58. “A lot of people tell me that they like my cooking, would you care for a taste?”

59. *Insert funny tinder bio here*

60. “Trying to find my good luck charm.”

61. “I’m a down-to-earth guy who’s looking for the same in a partner.”

62. “I’m a one-woman man looking for my Mrs. Right.”

63. “I’m a fun-loving guy who’s looking for someone I can share my life with.”

64. “My best quality is my loving heart.”

how to write a good bio on dating app

65. “Let me be someone meaningful to you.”

66. “I love to watch sports and have a good time.”

67. “I’m the type of girl who’s always up for anything.”

68. “No games, no drama, just love and happiness.”

69. “I’m looking for a man who’s strong and confident.”

70. “I want a man who’s honest and open.”

how to write a tinder bio

Things to Remember

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing your Tinder bio. Since your bio is one of the first things people will see when they swipe right on you, you want to make sure it’s eye-catching and accurate. Here are a few things to remember:

Keep your bio short and sweet. You want people to be able to read it and get an idea of who you are, but you don’t want to bore them with too much information.

Be accurate. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. It’s important to be honest about who you are and what you’re looking for.

Use keywords. Include some keywords that describe who you are and what you’re interested in. This will help people find you when they’re searching for someone with similar interests.

Proofread. Before you save your bio, make sure you proofread it for any spelling or grammatical errors. You want to make a good first impression, so you don’t want to have any mistakes in your bio.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to write a great Tinder bio that will help you attract the right matches.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! These are just a few tips to help you write the perfect Tinder bio. Just remember to be yourself, be creative, and have fun. With a little effort, you’re sure to find the perfect match.

Coming up with Tinder bio ideas is a different experience for different tinder users, but all of the best tinder profiles have one thing in common: They are genuine. We hope you enjoyed our best Tinder bio examples!

No matter what type of relationship you are looking for, you are sure to find the most effective tinder bio for you. Keep in mind, do not leave your bio blank. You can have the most attractive Tinder profile, but a good online dating profile needs to have a touch of your personality.

You can still have a short bio, but it is a better idea to include information about yourself. The best bio examples may include the most important aspect of your profile.

Do you have any other great tips for writing a Tinder bio? Share them with us in the comments below!

One of the most important things to remember when writing a Tinder bio is to be yourself.

How to Write a Tinder Bio + 10 Example Bios

For more great scoop, check out these related articles:

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How to Write a Dating Profile - What to include in your bio and how to write it

how to write a dating profile

How do I write a bio in a dating profile?

What should I mention in my dating profile?

Do I need to write a bio in a dating app?

How long should my dating app bio be?

Why am I not getting a lot of “likes” on my dating profile?

Dating apps are more common than ever in the COVID-19 era. Going out and meeting someone special through friends doesn't happen the way it used to. Writing the best possible dating profile can take some trial and error. But with some practice, you can write something just right to help you meet a special someone. 

When writing your dating profile, you need to follow a few simple rules: 1. Be authentic 2. Talk about yourself and be honest 3. Be specific about whom you're looking for 4. Give the other person something to talk to you about 5. Update and experiment with your profile.  

Whether you're writing your first online dating profile or your 50th, persistence is key! Use these simple guidelines to take the guesswork out of your profile and get on those dates.

Why is my profile so important?

When you're swiping, giving flames, or fishing, shouldn't you be the one judging other people's profiles carefully? 

Well, of course, you are. You've got to play offense to score. But without a good defense, you'll attract the wrong types of people or repel the ones you want. 

Cultivating a thoughtful profile will help keep your matching rates high and your conversations interesting. 

One of the worst parts of online dating is finding things to talk about until the meet up. If you create a profile with conversations in mind, you'll make carrying the conversation easier. Thus, your likelihood of meeting up will increase. 

Why should I try online dating?

how to write a dating profile

Online dating has become the new normal. There are many reasons for this, but the short explanation is that it makes finding and going on dates easier. 

No guesswork on whether they're hunting 

You get to showcase your best aspects 24/7 

It makes the dating pool wider because you'll encounter people from outside your geographic area

You can reject people without upsetting them usually; people don't know whether you've swiped on them

Improve your odds of finding a match because of the sheer availability

No pressure to "perform" the right way in your first conversation - you have time to prepare and think about your responses

There are loads of reasons you should try online dating, even if it sounds outside your comfort zone. It could be a fun social experiment to learn more about yourself and what type of person you're looking for.

What is your goal for online dating?

You must be honest and spend time thinking about whom you want to meet online in the first place. Dating apps are commonly used to find friends, casual hookups, and discover life partners.

how to write a dating profile

Which one are you looking for?

Being honest with yourself will help you write the correct type of profile to attract the right person. It will also help you save time when you're fishing through responses and matches. 

Also, consider what type of person you want to attract .

A funny, jokester type? Include some jokes in your profile, maybe even a pun or two . 

A whimsical vegan, who does yoga in the forest? Focus your bio on your healthy habits and plant-based diet. 

A nerdy person who would rather rewatch Lord of the Rings than go out to a club? Include the book in one of your pictures.

See what I mean?

If you're interested in spending your time with a particular type of person, then ask for it! 

The law of attraction applies to every aspect of life, including your dating profile.

Play it safe

how to write a dating profile

People are usually on dating apps to meet up in real life.

Generally, people only want the messaging stage to last a few days to a week.

Then, you've got to start making plans. 

If you feel unsafe meeting up with someone IRL for the first time, play it smart.

Have a video date first

Especially in the COVID-19 era, meeting up with a stranger may sound like a pretty high-risk activity. Start with a video date or two to get a feel for the person and see if you have chemistry. Then, if you feel more comfortable, you can meet up on a date

Talk about your expectations

They have no idea what you're looking for. Are you there for new friends? For a hookup? For a relationship? If you hide your hopes but secretly keep them, you're likely to get hurt pretty quickly. Alternatively, you're wasting someone else's time if you're dishonest.

Ask for more social proof of their identity

Catfish is a top-rated TV show for a reason. Tons of people meet each other online only to find out one person isn't who they claim to be. Don't end up on Catfish. Ask for further social media proof such as Facebook or Instagram.

Online dating doesn't have to be nerve-racking.

Just be smart about it. 

How to write a dating profile

You're given a few hundred words at best, so how can you catch someone's attention in such a tiny space? 

At the same time, those few hundred characters may feel like an impossible feat to you. 

Less is more when it comes to dating profiles. It's easy to skim what people have written or not read it at all, preferring to base your choices on pictures alone. 

Keep your end goal in mind

Are you looking for a long-term partner?

how to write a good bio on dating app

How do you envision them to be?

What hobbies do you want to have in common?

What kind of personality would be ideal?

If you are fishing, you have to use the correct bait to get the right type of fish, don't you? 

Your dating profile isn't any different. 

Spend time actually thinking about who you want to meet and then backwards design your profile. Make it something you know your ideal person would swipe right on.

You don't want to appeal to everyone, only one or a few types of people. So curate your profile to reflect this.

Start with a good username 

Some dating sites allow you to create and choose a username for your profile. So when choosing a username, think of it as an opportunity to reel in the right person for you. 

Choose something easy, clean and memorable .

Of course, using your own name is an option. Still, it may be a wasted opportunity to show a bit more of your personality. 

Again, think about what is important to you and who you’re trying to attract. Find some overlap and choose something in the middle.

Use a headline

Think about how you use dating apps. If that first sentence doesn't catch your eye, then you're moving on. By opening up and sharing a few things about yourself, you'll be able to attract the right type of person. 

With such a short space, narrow down what you are looking for or need to share. 

One successful headline works for blogs and dating profiles alike. It goes a little like this:

You + Who you're looking for = perfect headline

For example: 

Optimistic woman searching for a down to earth realist

Self-employed entrepreneur seeks driven morning person to go on jogs with

Funny stoner guy seeking someone who is an excellent cook to settle down with

It's easy, concise, and will lure in suitable people. 

Do you want your ideal partner to go on hikes with you and your dog? 

Say as much and choose a picture to match .

Keep your bio short and sweet

It isn't meant to be an entire Wikipedia page about yourself. After all, would you read a novel about each person you swipe right on? You're not trying to tell your life story. You're trying to make yourself attractive to the right person. 

When you're writing your bio, try and follow the 70/30 rule . Talk about yourself 70% of the time, then spend the other 30% talking about your ideal partner. Doing this eliminates the guesswork for you and them. 

Top things you can include: 

Powerful personality adjectives

Asking 3-5 of your friends to describe you in a few words, then use these words on your profile

Pointed Quotes

Use a quote that resonates with you. Opt for something less popular related to a crucial aspect of your life. For example, if you love Dr. Who, choose one from your favorite doctor. 

how to write a dating profile

Be authentic and pointed 

If you know what type of person you're after, then create a honeypot for them. Do you think the love of your life is a tree hugger? Talk about your garden and your love of trees. Are you after a gamer? Mention what type of console you use and your favorite types of games. 

Don’t settle for less

Disclose things that are nonnegotiable for you. If you're a feminist, you likely don't hide it in real life, so don't hide that aspect of yourself from your dating profile. It's about quality, not quantity. 

Be interesting and humble

Don't try and be too "chill" - saying you're "just an average dude" isn't going to get anyone excited. You can stay humble while still being interesting.

It’s always a working draft

Start with something and then refine over time - it's a work in progress, so don't stress out! Just have fun with it, then make edits as you go along. This also means don't leave your bio blank.

Create momentum before the first message

Messaging with a total stranger doesn't have to be awkward. Create an easy-in for a person to message you with. Some great suggestions are:

how to write a good bio on dating app

Share a controversial opinion about something simple

"Hash browns are overrated."

 "--- is the best PlayStation game."

"I've never done (super popular thing) because (reason here)."

"Charcoal is better than gas BBQs." 

Leave a question at the end of your profile.

Would you rather have lobster claws for hands or a dolphin fin for feet?

What is next in your Netflix queue?

What's the best advice you've ever received?

Message me if… statements

Message me if you think that lunch is the best meal of the day

Message me if you need someone to see (new release) with

Message me if you have an idea for a road trip for us

Provide an easy way for the other person to start or continue the conversation. Taking the time to do this will help the likelihood of getting to the meet-up 

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. 

Spend your time wisely and think about who you are and who you're looking for. 

Dishonesty with yourself or others will only take you down a disappointing track. 

Getting help with your dating profile

You can read countless blogs on "how to write a dating profile" and still feel like you've learned nothing. 

Ask your friends or loved ones for help! You can ask them to describe you, provide feedback, or test out different bios they all write for you!

The truth of who you are is likely somewhere between the lines, but only time will tell. 

Dating coaching

If you're tired of being single and want to attract the right person, try relationship and dating coaching. There are countless unhelpful, outdated resources available. You may get bogged down in the details rather than keeping your eye on the prize.

Get personalized, step-by-step help to attract the love of your life to you. 

If you're ready to start working with a dating and relationship coach , get in contact with me today. 

“The truth is that falling hurts. The dare is to keep being brave and feel your way back up.”

-Brené Brown

Want to learn more about sex?

Keep reading.

What Does a Dating Coach do? Why you need a dating coach in 2023

Dating coaching is a new advent in finding "the one." Since the pioneers of the matching-making field first arose on social media, the niche has become filled with wannabes and credentialless people trying to help. But one facet of dating coaching many miss. It's the one that sets working with me apart from the noise. It's the you factor. Learning the rules and mechanics of how to look and sound right is essential. However, until you know who you are, you'll keep settling for the wrong person repeatedly. That's what a dating coach does. We help you clarify who you are and solidify who you're looking for. That way, you can go out into the dating world with confidence and a discerning eye.

Are You in a Situationship? Here’s why and how to stop tolerating the dating grey area

Situationships are a hugely controversial topic in the world of dating coaching. It may feel easy to settle for what feels like the only person who will give you the attention you crave. But by settling for someone who refuses to acknowledge your presence in their life, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. Situationships are a plague to those looking for love. They can cover you like a wave of locusts and pick your love optimism to the bones. Don't fall for the situationship cycle. Start changing your experience now.

How to Get Space in Your Relationship: Differentiation of self - what it is, why you need it, and how to get it

Relationships can be amazing things. Your partner can be supportive, fun, and your best friend. But on the other end of the spectrum, what happens when you get too close? What happens when you become a singular item and can't get any space for yourself? Resentment builds. Being too close to your partner can actually be a bad thing. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out. Relationships aren't two halves coming together. They're two whole individuals choosing to be together. They're meant to be complementary, not complete you. You're complete on your own.

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how to write a good bio on dating app

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How to talk to your partner about porn - why it’s important and 6 tips for having the conversation.

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How to write a dating profile that will actually get you dates

It’s officially that time of year again: cuffing season.

I know, I hate that term too, but just bare with me here.

During the fall and into the winter, there’s a 15% uptick in online dating activity, resulting from a number of factors, including an increase in testosterone and other horomones that affect sex drive and happiness…

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How To Write A Dating Profile, Dating Profile Examples

by Eddie | Jan 12, 2023 | Bumble , Dating Apps , Dating Profile , Dating Profile Bio , Hinge , , New To Online Dating | 0 comments

How To Write Dating Profile, Dating Profile Bio, Good Bios For Dating Apps, Dating Profile Examples, What To Write About Yourself On A Dating Site

As much as some folks hate taking photos, there are just as many people who hate to write or talk about themselves.

Dating app profiles are definitely photo-centric , but you cannot let bios and about me sections, prompts, captions, and headlines go to waste. Good bios for dating apps can set you apart from the competition.

Dating app profiles vary by dating app, but all require a mix of photos, writing, and biographical/demographic items. Learning how to write a good dating profile bio can make a difference in your dating efforts.

Below are some tips to help out with your online dating profile, dating app bio ideas, good dating profiles for guys & girls, what to put in a dating profile, dating profile bio, and what to avoid in dating profile bio examples.

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How To Write A Bio For A Dating App Profile, Dating App Bio Advice, Dating Bio Examples, Dating Site Profile, Good Bio For Dating App, Dating Profile Examples Girl, Guy

Knowing tone, content and what apps to sync i.e. IG, Spotify can be enough to separate you from the competition or sabotage your love life. These online dating profile tips will help increase your changes for making a more attractive dating profile to obtain more likes and matches.

Before you start to draft your dating profiles, be sure to read this guide to make sure you are ready to date . It’s important to understand the first few days of a new profile are crucial, as new accounts are boosted  for visibility (review the dating profile templates below).

Keep on reading for some great help with your dating profile bio.

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Online Dating Questions, Dating Profile Questions – Online Dating Profile Template (Online Dating Tips), Online Dating Bio Tips, Dating App Profile Template

Hinge Profile Template   |   Bumble Profile Template   |   Coffee Meets Bagel Template   |  Tinder Template

Bumble Profile Example – Hinge Profile Example, Good Dating Bio (What To Write In A Dating Profile)

What NOT to do. Don’t put this in a prompt or bio. Similarly, don’t use generic opening lines that she/he has heard thousands of times.

Setting Up An Online Dating Profile, Tips On Setting Up a Dating Profile, Help With Your Dating Profile, Dating Profile Advice

Below are tips to consider when writing your dating profiles, regardless of the app choice.

Remember, as soon as profiles are created, they are boosted and shown often to others so lazy, incomplete profiles with bad photos can really hurt you.

It’s essential you start off strong to make a good first impression, otherwise, you may not get a second chance.

For tips on making a good Hinge profile , read this. For help with making a good Bumble profile , read this. For those that are brand new to apps and don’t know where to start, contact me today for a consultation.

How To Write A Dating Profile? How Do You Write A Good Dating Profile Bio, Online Dating Bio: Examples, Tips, About Me Section, Online Dating Profile Bio Examples

So you downloaded the dating app of choice , uploaded a few dating profile photos and synced your Facebook, LinkedIn, Spotify and Instagram account to populate your location, hometown, age, height, favorite band, company name and title. That was easy, wasn’t it? Not so fast.

While it’s true that most people only review the main profile photo when doing a first pass on profiles and also true photos account for 90%+ of the decision-making process on whether to swipe left or right, bios, prompts and answers to prompts should not be ignored.

Online dating profile bios are an essential piece of the puzzle to have in your online dating toolkit. While bios and answers will not make up for bad, unflattering selfies and ambiguous group shots, they can provide some insight, confidence and context that photos do not always convey. 

What Should I Write In My Dating Profile? (Bumble, Hinge) What To Write About Yourself On A Dating Site Examples, Dating Profile Intro

About me sections of dating apps provide a creative outlet to write about yourself, observations about topics of the hour, ambitions, guilty pleasures, wittiness and obsessions.

They also help to reveal intentions by showing how much thought and effort you put into marketing yourself.

Thin profiles and using synced data only will make it difficult for people to take you seriously. A mix of your personality, lifestyle and what you seek should be conveyed in a dating profile.

Online Dating Consultant: Help With Online Dating (Hinge, Bumble, The League, CMB, Match & More)

I offer 1 on 1 coaching with a focus on image consulting, wardrobe styling, grooming, posture, location, (and their effect on marketability), swiping etiquette, timing, app choice, first messages, photo order, appearance, filters and paid services.

I will help you understand and leverage education, personality, ethnicity, lifestyle choices such as religion, politics, education, family planning. As seen in the NYT.

Bumble Bio Tip For Men, Women, About Me Section

How Do I Describe Myself For Online Dating Site: About Me Dating App Profile Examples, Dating App Profile Bio, About Me Dating Profile, Dating App Profile Bio Examples, About Me On Dating Profile

Bios or About Me sections should fill in the holes that you can do so via prompts as seen in Bumble and Hinge. They should be succinct, insightful, anecdotal and complement your photos and photo captions. Use specifics, be random – don’t be afraid to geek out a little.

How you spend your time, what piques your interest and examples of your knowledge, experience, culture go a long way to separating yourself from the competition.

Don’t write about one time events, things from your childhood – the focus should be about the person today and how you spend your time. Be sure to include what you seek as well – profiles should be 2/3 about you and 1/3 about what you are looking for.

Writing An Effective Dating Profile, How To Do I Make My Dating Profile Standout: Avoid Resume Like Dating Profiles, How To Make A Dating Profile

A bio should not read like a resume, it should complement your photos and not be a summary of your LinkedIn profile. Adding places lived, favorite TV show, and favorite dish are good starts, but you still need some dimension, life in your bios. 

Similarly, a list of adjectives can be biased, possibly inaccurate and impossible to invalidate online . It’s not any better if you frame the list of qualities through a third person: “My friends say I am caring, thoughtful, loving” blah, blah, blah.

Friends can be biased , friends may not want to hurt your feelings and maybe your friends can’t be trusted – who knows? I call these characteristics empty adjectives.

Many people have a hard time being honest about themselves (just look at your co-workers LinkedIn profile). Acting too coy or using joke prompts and answers lack vulnerability and can be seen as defensive behavior by others.

Dating Profile Headline Tips: What Is A Good Profile Headline For Online Dating, Dating App Bio, What Is A Good Headline For A Dating Profile?

These are typically used on sites like, OkCupid and POF where they are separate from longer, detailed bios and about me sections. These profile headlines can be cute, fun and random – movie and tv quotes are good (if done well).

Avoid obvious ones from shows like the Office. Headlines like poke fun of yourself are great as long as you don’t go overboard. “Life is great, on dating apps at 41 – just like I pictured it”

Do You Like Guacamole?

Dating App Profile Tips: Use Details, Anecdotes, References – Dating Profile Templates, Irresistible Dating Profile Examples

Cliche answers, bios are not only boring but often lack any insight. Ask me anything, open to new adventures, liking Netflix or hiking is extremely vague. Dig into types of hikes with favorite types of trails i.e. short scenic, remote locals only/hidden gems, particular regions, half-day hikes, post-hike activities.

A great bio should reveal anecdotal insights, passions, beliefs, curiosities, guilty pleasures, some embarrassing tidbits and priorities . Short examples that illustrate points are great.

Taking a stand vs. trying to be the most agreeable or interesting man in the world is preferred. No one wants an exact clone of themselves. Be original, be you. It’s easier to connect with someone through a distant, random or obscure reference than it is through something cliche and mainstream.

Don’t be boring: brunch, the Office, Game of Thrones will not get you far (see how many boxes you check off in this online dating profile bingo card ).

Nouns like hiker, traveler, foodie etc. offer no insight into frequency, prioritization or level of commitment.

Are you a casual Land’s End hiker or are you a weekend warrior that does 3-4 hour hikes. Are you a beach resort traveler or do you like to immerse yourself in culture and languages with locals different from yourself?

Are you a superficial Instagram traveler or do you have some depth to your curiosity. Do you like safe chain restaurants, dives featured on No Reservations or posh Michelin rated restaurants. Be careful about vague descriptions in your profile. The more vague, the less interesting you will sound.

Bios should not read like a novel, but they should have substance. A balance of flow, randomness, self-deprecating humor, insight is key for a good bio. Many folks strike out when it comes to bios. Don’t let that be you. 

Most people never seek unbiased feedback on their bios and profiles and the ones that do often times get biased feedback or have context into your bio and photos that a stranger does not.

Friends, family members and co-workers may not want to be brutally honest with you or they might have some advantage that allows them more flexibility to get away with breaking guidelines for photos and bios.

Hinge Dating App Profile Tip: Don’t Skip Photo Captions! What Makes A Good Hinge, Match Profile, Hinge Profile Examples

Apps like Hinge and Match allow users to more easily humble brag or add details about themselves through photos by allowing for captions.

Don’t ignore this free space. Prompts are great but can be limiting when compared to free-form bios so when possibly, take advantage of the opportunities to add details, prompts and opportunities for conversation starters through your photo captions.

Self-deprecating humor is great as it shows the ability to laugh at yourself and shows some creativity and possible good banter possibility. Including location, event, feeling, nostalgia or even a jab at yourself shows more effort rather than trying to force people to guess what’s going on.

Take Advantage of Prompts, Questions on Apps Like Hinge and Bumble, How Can I Make My Dating Profile More Interesting, Bumble Profile Examples

If you have a great story, reference or humble brag, see if you can share it using one of the prompts on these apps. These prompts are your best friend to help you set up an opportunity to talk about yourself without seeming as self-absorbed or randomly weird if referenced in a small bio.

Prompts are added regularly so check back. Check out these posts for good prompts to use on Hinge as well as Bumble .

New To Online Dating - Beginner's Guide To Dating Apps

 New to dating apps? I offer a crash course on what to expect, pros and cons of dating apps, which apps to use, how to structure profiles, analyzing photos, wardrobe, hairstyle, grooming habits, lifestyle choices, and which is best for you: dating apps vs matchmakers vs offline efforts, are you ready to use dating apps.

Great for those who are recently single, divorced, never used dating apps or are busy folks looking to meet people more efficiently.

Dating Bio Examples, Online Dating Profile, Dating Profile Headlines & Dating App Bios – How To Write A Dating Profile Bio, How To Write A Dating Bio

Short dating profile examples, witty dating profile examples, dating bio examples, what should i say about myself on a dating app.

Finance exec who will never end up on @MidtownUniform. Global Entry / Espresso cocktail snob / Worst fear: ending up on boyfriends of Instagram.

Relocated from NYC to trade in summer Fridays to Long Island for weekend trips to Mendocino, Big Sur and Portland. Former analytics geek turned designer. Own 2 small pugs, 800+ credit score and looking for a tennis partner in town and someone to knock out the Eater 38 list – interested?

Catch hiking in Marin on weekends followed by oysters, cold beer and sun at Pelican Inn or Cafe Reyes. I get too excited about open bar seats at restaurants, all things Japan, last minute road trips up/down Hwy 1, dungeness crab season and Colin Jost / Michael Che joke exchanges.

Mottos I live by: Treat Yo Self (in moderation) / going halfsies at restaurants is a must /  travel like a local, not like a tourist / better to ask a stranger to take a photo than use a selfie stick

How To Write A Dating Profile For A Woman: Witty Dating Profiles To Attract Men, Dating Profile Examples For Women, About Me Examples For Dating Sites Female, What To Write About Yourself On A Dating Site Examples Female

There is nothing worst than reading another cliche dating profile that is contains multiple entries from Tinder bingo i.e. wine, brunch, dogs, yoga, beach, travel, family is everything, no hook-ups, swipe left if, work at tech etc.

There is nothing wrong with those interests, hobbies but listing out those exact words is basic, lazy and cliche. If you want to attract a guy, put some effort into it, be creative and a little vulnerable.

Don’t write what you think is cute, write for the guy you are looking to attract. Being too cute will only attract shallow guys.

Unexpected pleasantries, active lifestyles, non-mainstream/cliche hobbies and interests as well as self-deprecating humor are golden. With that said, you don’t want to reveal all your great attributes at once, good to reveal pleasant surprises over time, in person.

Avid runner, Japanophile, allergic to tech logo vests, last trip before Covid = Oaxaca, first trip after covid = Naples. Currently perfecting espresso martinis at home and just discovered Parks & Rec, looking for a tennis partner.

Pros: Won’t make you take absurd photos ala boyfriends of Instagram, great person to have on your pub trivia team, can get ready in under 20 minutes for a last minute roadtrip

Cons: Take my time to get ready for a night out, gluten-free / Celiac : ( / , might Hasselhoff food from a street vendor after a late night out.

What To Say In A Dating Profile: Avoid Negative Language And Sounding Jaded In Dating Profile Bios, How To Make A Good Dating Profile Bio

Don’t use phrases like swipe left if, no-hookups, not looking for , don’t message me if etc. This sounds dismissive as well as signals to others that you are unable to filter out such people on your own and lack ability to screen profiles and read people.

This could actually backfire and suggest you are an easy target or encourage someone to accept a challenge to bypass your filters.

Avoid celebrity quotes and descriptions from friends. Describe yourself in your own words. Stop trying to pretend you are on dating apps against your own will.

Online Dating Profile Help For Guys: What To Put In A Profile, Dating Profile Examples For Men, How To Make A Good Dating Profile For Guys,  Online Dating Profile Examples To Attract Women

The guidance and tips I provide is geared toward those seeking to date with the intent of long-term relationships. If you are not sure what you want or just seeing what’s out there, your bio and profile will look a lot different from what I have written about there.

The biggest mistake guys make in profiles is lacking approachability when it comes to lack of smiles, lack of style, lack of effort/energy, lack of dressed up looks (dressing down too much or not looking mature enough) and lack of context in photos (boring photos without activities, locations, events or social context).

Related read : Biggest Mistakes Guys Make On Dating Profiles

How To Write A Hinge Profile: Hinge Dating App Profile Tips, Hinge Prompts, How To Make A Good Dating Profile For Girls

Hinge is a dating app that is a bit different from others. There is no bio field (about me section) but there are ways to make your profile stand out beyond good photos and good answers to prompts .

Hinge has location and caption fields for photos. Many people either don’t know they exist, are too lazy to add info or rely on boring/cliche photo prompts that Hinge provides. Adding context can make all the difference in a profile.

Dating Profile Interests: Best Hobbies And Interests For Dating Profile, Interests For Dating App, Dating Profile Intro

That really depends on your lifestyle, location, and who you want to attract. Sure there are certain interests that attract more people but your focus should be on quality, not quantity.

Similarly, hobbies and interests should reflect those that others would be interested in, not just what you geek out on.

Too many solo, introverted interests and hobbies can be a turn-off. No one is asking you to be someone else, but you do need to grow and add hobbies and interests that make you more marketable.

Related read : Dating Profile Interests & Hobbies

Online Dating Profile Examples To Attract Men – Online Dating Tips For Women,  Dating Profile Examples For Women

The best profile a woman can make is to come off as effortless, while managing to convey lifestyle attributes and qualities she is connected to.

If you love fashion and dressing up, avoid caked on makeup looks (guys are trained to pause when seeing profiles that look fake, staged, photoshopped or filtered).

Some approachability can yield better results vs a modeling-esque profile or a portrait session style photos that feel forced.

Learn the biggest mistakes women make with dating profiles, prompts, bios, photos, messaging and more here.

How To Write A Bumble Profile: Bumble Profile Review Tips, Bumble Prompts

When it comes to Bumble, many people make the mistake of not fully utilizing the Bumble bio ( about me section ). It’s a great way to complement what you have in your photos and answers to prompts that you are unable to capture in those fields.

The section should avoid repeating anything that is stated or obvious in the drop down fields or in your photos or prompts. This section provides the ability for you to express your creativity, quirks, self-deprecating humor and personality. For tips on Bumble prompts, read this .

Things Not To Put In A Dating Profile, What Not To Say In A Dating Profile, Worst Dating Profiles, Bad Dating Profiles, Things To Avoid In A Dating Profile, Online Dating Help, Dating Profile Bio For Women, Men

Read this .

Dating Profile Critique For Men & Women: Dating Profile Review (Hinge, Bumble)

App Choice, Photo Order, Photo Critique, Bios + Prompts + Photo Captions, Wardrobe Feedback, Grooming Suggestions, Clothing & Hairstyle Recommendations, Body Language, Smiles, Facial Expressions, Hobbies, Interests, Lifestyle Choices, Etiquette & More For Men & Women.

-As seen in the NYT, WSJ, AskMen, Women's Health & More

Additional Reading : How To Write A Dating Profile Bio, About Me Dating Profile & Other Dating Profile Tips, How To Write An Attractive Dating Profile, Best Dating Profile For Women, Men (Hinge, Bumble), What To Write On A Dating Profile, How To Write An Online Dating Profile

How To Look More Attractive In Your Online Dating Photos  – How To Dress, Stand, Pose, Smile & More

The Most Overly-Used, Boring, Cliche Dating Profiles  – Generic Dating Profiles On Hinge, Bumble

How To Improve Your Online Dating Profile and Bios  – Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Profiles

Online Dating Frequently Asked Questions  – Dating App FAQ’s For Hinge, Bumble & More

How To Be Successful With Online Dating  – Profiles, Prompts, Bios, Photos, Captions, Messages & More

How To Answer Dating Profile Questions: Bumble, Tinder & Hinge, Dating Profile Bio Examples, Dating Profile Tips Hinge, Bumble, Dating App Questions, Dating App Bio Ideas, Online Dating Bio Tips

Hinge Prompts and Questions  (How To Make A Good Hinge Profile)

How To Write A Bumble Bio (Bumble About Me Section – How To Make A Good Bumble Profile)

Tinder Profile Text Prompts  (Tinder Text Tips, Example & Ideas)

Tinder Profile Bio, About Me Section  (What To Write On A Tinder Profile)

Bumble Questions And Prompts To Use In Your Profile  (What To Write On A Bumble Profile)

Bumble Bio Tips For Men, Women (What To Put In Your Bumble Bio, Bumble About Me)

Dating Profile Builder, Dating Site Profile Maker: Tips From A Dating Profile Expert, How To Build A Good Dating Profile, What Should A Woman, Man Write In A Dating Profile, About Me For Dating Profile

Hinge  – Hinge Profile Tips For Men, Women, Hinge Profile Examples

Bumble  – Bumble Profile Tips For Guys, Girls, Bumble Profile Examples

Worst Things To Do – Online Dating, Bad Bios, Prompts, Cliches; What Not To Do, Bad Dating App Profiles, Bio For Dating Site, Dating Profile Description, What To Put In A Dating Bio, How To Write A Good Bio For Dating Apps

Automatic Red Flags In Dating Profiles – Things That Make People Swipe Left Instantly

Worst Hinge Prompts & Answers – What To Avoid On Hinge

Worst Bumble Bios – What Not To Put In Your Bumble Profile

Worst First Messages On Dating Apps – What Not To Say, Bad Openers 

Cliche Dating Profiles – Men & Women’s Cliche, Generic Profile Examples

Red Flags In Dating Profiles – Red Flags To Look Out For Online Dating

Worst Dating Photos – Bad Dating App Photos  

Biggest Mistakes Women Make Online Dating – Mistakes Girls Make On Dating Apps

Biggest Mistakes Guys Make On Dating Apps – Mistakes Men Make Online Dating

How To Set Up A Dating Profile For A Man, Tips For Dating Profile Writing, Bumble Profile Tips For Guys, Bumble Profile Tips For Women, Hinge Profile Tips For Men, Hinge Profile Tips For Girls, Dating Profile Generator, Examples Of Dating Profiles For Females, Sample Dating Profile Female, Dating Profile Headline Examples

Dating profile bio examples female, what to write about yourself on a dating site examples female, dating profile examples for men, dating profile examples for women, dating app profile template, examples of dating profiles for females, how to write a dating profile for a man, dating profile bio examples male, sample dating profiles female, dating profile headlines for females, about eddie hernandez.

Eddie Hernandez is a dating coach for men & women and a professional photographer based in San Francisco, servicing clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, Silicon Valley, London, Washington DC, Boston, Sydney and beyond as seen in the NYT , WSJ, SFGate, ABC7News, AskMen, Women's Health Magazine & more.

Former analytics professional and user of dating apps himself, he possesses unique insight into dating app algorithms , user behavior, first impressions and communication styles. He provides guidance around app choice, bio optimization, messaging techniques, wardrobe advice, messaging, image consulting , date planning, screening profiles, ID'ing red flags, and offline tips for meeting people organically. 

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33 Good Tinder Bios That Will Help You Get More Matches

Step one: avoid negativity.

A good Tinder bio will make your potential matches curious to learn more about you.

Whether you tend to go through Tinder profiles as a mindless distraction while sitting at your office desk or you’re looking for a serious relationship , most dating app users can agree that swiping easily becomes a habit. In fact, 70% of Tinder users in the U.S. use the app multiple times a week . If you find yourself falling within that majority, you may be wondering how to write a good Tinder bio. Once they’ve caught a glimpse of your cute selfies or adorable shots with your dog, your bio should seal the deal on getting a right swipe.

“A good Tinder bio starts with standing out from the crowd by making your profile engaging,” certified relationship coach Amie Leadingham tells Bustle. She also recommends using humor make your bio more memorable and pique the curiosity of your potential matches.

Leadingham also suggests avoiding the “negatives'' when crafting your Tinder bio; a popular phrase that many people make the mistake of using is “no hookups.” While some may think this approach will discourage daters just looking for casual flings , starting with negativity right off the bat can be off-putting for the people you do want to attract. “[‘No hookups’] seems presumptuous and negative,” Leadingham says. “Focus on what you want instead.”

In other words, rather than listing the things you don’t want from a partner, be clear about what you are looking for . For example, it’s a good idea to mention that you want a long-term partnership in your Tinder bio if that’s true for you — as Leadingham points out, a 2015 study conducted by Tinder showed that 80% of users are on the app to find an LTR . She also recommends viewing your bio as a “targeted marketing ad” and keeping it regularly updated. As you try out different inclusions and formats, you’ll start to notice patterns in the matches you make. Consider the positive trends, and cater your bio to them.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to start or refresh your own, here are examples of good Tinder bios.

Funny Tinder Bios

1. Pros and cons of dating me: Pro, you won’t be single. Con: You’ll be dating me

2. Just looking for something super casual, like marriage and children. Nothing serious!

3. Two truths and a lie: I ran the Boston Marathon, I hate pineapple on pizza, one of these is a lie.

Fun Tinder Bios

1. Looking for an adventure partner. You in?

2. I want to know your favorite song, but in order to tell me, you have to sing it to me.

3. The most important thing to know about me? I dance at concerts.

4. First round is on me if you can beat me in Mario Kart.

Flirty Tinder Bios

1. Looking for a reason to delete this app, and hopefully, you’re it!

2. On a scale from one to Slurpees on 7/11: how free are you tonight?

3. Make and send me a playlist so I know it’s real.

4. If we match, that means we have to get married, right?

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Creative Tinder Bios

1. If you couldn’t skip a single song while listening to an album, which would you choose?

2. I’m looking for someone to dance around with me in the refrigerator light, sing in the car, and get lost upstate. Yes, this is all from a Taylor Swift song.

3. Hoping we fall madly in love, break up, then dramatically reunite decades later. Let’s give Bennifer a run for their money.

Sarcastic Tinder Bios

1. Saying “Not looking for hookups” on Tinder is like saying “I’m allergic to shellfish” in a Red Lobster.

2. I’m really loving the variety in all the photos on here. It’s like a Dr. Seuss book: One dead fish, two dead fish, red dead fish, blue dead fish.

3. Can’t wait to match, exchange one message, and then never talk again!

4. They say love happens when you least expect it, and trust me, my expectations could not be lower right now.

Suggestive Tinder Bios

1. I’m vaxxed and waxed. Do what you will with that information.

2. Looking for someone to hold the door open for me, but slap my butt as I walk through.

3. My dog’s name is Remi, and he’s looking for a father… I, however, am looking for a daddy.

4. Not picky about how tall you are, because everyone is the same height in bed.

Clever Tinder Bios

1. The last time I was someone’s “type” was when I donated blood.

2. Trying Tinder out because mouthing “I love you” to strangers out of my car window doesn’t seem to be working.

3. Do you like my sweater? It’s made of girlfriend material.

Response-Provoking Tinder Bios

1. If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

2. Give me your best pickup line.

3. Tell me about the last time you cried, and I’ll tell you about mine.

4. My most unpopular opinion is that Disney is overrated. What’s yours?

Cute Tinder Bios

1. I need someone to fill in for Timbaland’s half of the “Promiscuous” duet with Nelly Furtado. Trying to sing both by myself is getting really exhausting.

2. Looking for the pepperoni to my pizza, the peanut butter to my jelly, the cheese to my crackers. Oh dang… now I’m hungry.

3. I may not be the best cook, but I know how to whip up a great order with Uber Eats. Satisfaction guaranteed.

4. Now taking applications for a boyfriend. Must be certified in cuddling and telling me I’m pretty. Swipe right to inquire within.

No matter which direction you decide to go in, these good Tinder bios will have your matches itching to know more. And if you don’t see the results you want right away, opt for something different. Remember, Leadingham says it’s a good idea to switch up your bio on the reg anyway.

Amie Leadingham, certified relationship coach

This article was originally published on Dec. 30, 2021

how to write a good bio on dating app

I’m a Professional Dating Coach, and Here Are My 7 Top Tips for Nailing the Perfect Profile

how to write a good bio on dating app

As a certified dating and relationship coach, I fully understand that the latest platforms promising you the partner of your dreams can register as irritating when you feel like you've been sifting through endless bad profiles and lame responses. That can dishearten even the biggest romantic! Luckily, help is here; below find my top seven tips for how to write a dating profile that'll attract your best matches.

7 tips for how to write a dating profile that'll attract a match

1. use your photos to tell a story.

You have barely any time to make an impression on the person who's viewing your profile, so make sure you use it judiciously by telling a story with a single image. You can highlight your passions, hobbies, interests with a photo.


For instance, if you love your pet, include them. If you're passionate about cooking, then use a picture of you whipping up a culinary feast. The goal is to give a better idea of the person you are beyond a photo.

2. Minimize the selfies

The power of photos in a dating app profile are to represent your full image—not just your face, abs, cleavage, or any single part of you. The pictures should also reflect a realistic depiction of your current appearance, not how you looked three years ago or with heavy filters. Include at least three to five photos (and, please, no more than eight) that add up to a reflection of who you are as a person.

3. Be aware of what's in your background

We already know that you can tell a story with a picture—and that includes what’s hiding in your background. So, for instance, unless your bathroom is big enough to not include a toilet in the photo frame, then please don’t use a bathroom photo. This also goes for showing a messy laundry situation behind you, an unmade bed, and kids or pets that are not yours or are not significant to your life.

With dating apps, it's important to be intentional with how you present yourself—and that includes the environment you show to others.

4. Be specific— really specific in what you write

It's great that you love to travel and hike—but guess what? So does everyone else on dating apps. If you truly enjoy something, you should be explaining why you enjoy it.

So, instead of simply writing in your profile that you love to travel, give some context for why travel is important to you. Give insight into what brings you joy. Is it Christmas in New York City because of the decorations? Wine at cafés in Paris because you love to people-watch? Zip-lining in Mexico because you're a thrill-seeker? Share specifics so you can attract the right people to your profile who genuinely appreciate you and your interests.

5. Highlight your positivity

Have you ever sat down at a restaurant you had long wanted to try only to learn that they were out of all the dishes you planned to order? It does not feel good and might instantly put you in a mindset of disappointment instead of acceptance and abundance.

Dating profiles are similar in many ways. You can choose to highlight frustrations surrounding the lack of success in finding a match that you've had to this point by sharing what you're not looking for in a partner. But, the more effective strategy for attracting a positive partner is to focus on what you like and appreciate in a partner. The positivity shift may attract more open-minded people who are excited to get to know you better. (Similarly, you might use the opportunity in the restaurant scenario to try a different dish you hadn't thought to order—you might love it!)

6. Use humor, but sparingly

Sarcasm, self-deprecating humor, and politically heated jokes can be a great ice-breakers, but only if you know your audience and are confident that they will understand your tone and point of view. Those key details, though, are things you can't expect strangers on dating apps to be able to gauge. Often, humor can come across as rude, insensitive, or simply confusing.

If you can find a way to allow your unique humor to shine without fear of any of this happening, then, by all means, go for it! Otherwise, proceed with caution.

7. Create intrigue

I will never forget the day I saw a guy’s dating profile that said even though he worked in business, he really wanted to be a ninja. That caught my attention immediately and had me so curious that I had to reach out to him. That guy is now my husband. Keep your profile honest, fun, and interesting. You want what you present to stand out, stop someone in their swiping tracks, and connect with them.

Your dating profile is a reflection of who you are and the type of the person you want to attract. Allow yourself to shine as the well-rounded, multidimensional person you are, using your voice, your brilliance, and your true self.

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13 Short Dating Profile Examples (You Can Use On Any App)

Since you're looking for short dating profile examples, you've probably realized short definitely doesn’t = easier.

Short dating profile fail

Highlight a few attractive traits, build up some intrigue and attraction, make her want to swipe right or return your message… that’s a tall order for a small character count.

But if you want to meet the best matches in your area, that’s exactly what your profile needs to accomplish.

These 13 short online dating profile examples will make you irresistible, and you can find one to use on any app or site!

Short Dating Profile Examples Table of Contents:

But before you get started...

Steal This Dating Profile Tip From Pro Profile Writers!

Jot down a list of hobbies you have, especially those you'd like to share with your ideal partner.

Also write down the traits you possess that your perfect match is probably looking for in a man, and a few thoughts about what you love about your job.

For example, your profile writing cheat sheet may look like this:

Profile writing hack

If you're not sure how to make a dating profile, having that information visible in front of you makes the profile writing process a bit easier. You can use it to customize one of these good profile examples!

Specific details make your profile seem more genuine, and that's important. A recent study revealed 84% of online daters want to see more authenticity.

Dr. Cortney Warren, a clinical psychologist who offered commentary on the results , said the majority of singles want honest, straight-forward information in profiles.

One of the most important findings in the study is that singles are not interested in seeing an idealized depiction of potential partners through edited photos and unrealistic positive self-descriptors. The truth is, singles want more honest, authentic depictions of others and themselves on dating apps. A more realistic portrayal of each individual will not only be refreshing, but also lead to more meaningful connections.

Super Short Dating Profile Examples

On some apps like The League , your dating profile bio has a 190-character limit. That means you’ve got a couple sentences max to make a good impression, which is crucial if you want a shot at meeting a potential match in person.

Super Short Profile Example #1:

how to write a good bio on dating app

You don’t have enough space to tell, so you need to show why you’re a good catch. ( Professional profile writers generally take this approach with an online dating profile of any length, by the way, since it makes your profile more attractive to daters.)

Super Short Profile Example #2:

Investor by day, sushi connoisseur by night. Message me, let’s talk.

Pick a few traits that illustrate to a potential partner why you’re a good catch, and roll with those.

Super Short Profile Example #3:

how to write a good bio on dating app

Occupation = financial stability

Active hobby = physically fit and adventurous

Travel = good times together… get the picture?

Super Short Profile Example #4:

My life, expressed in emoji: travel, surf, sushi, mountain bike. Your turn...

Emoji are a great space-saving option when you're trying to express a lot of ideas in a short amount of space.

Just don't use so many that it gets conceptually hard to follow. A few emoji go a long way.

Choose Words Women Connect With

Women resonate with some words more than others in a dating profile.

For instance, Wired magazine found these were the 7 most attractive active hobbies for guys :

If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, mention it - on Elite Singles, you'll get up to 73% more messages than the average user . No reason to think it wouldn't work the same way on any other dating app...

And, as it turns out, nice guys are back in fashion. Using these “power” words in your online dating profile get you more messages:

Examples of power words for a dating bio

Remember, the shorter your dating profile is, the more impact each word has. You need to make yourself sound like an intriguing person, not like every other guy out there:

Example of a bad short dating profile

Most dating app profiles display your first name. Don’t waste valuable real estate repeating it in your bio.

300 Character Or Less Online Dating Profile Examples

On CoffeeMeetsBagel , your profile is a little longer - but 276 characters max still isn’t much real estate.

Make every word count with a profile like...

Short Dating Profile Example #5:

I am... A CEO, fairly decent skier and able to order cocktails in 3 languages. My only weakness is chocolate cherry cheesecake, and I'm extremely judgmental... when it comes to french fries.

This bio hits a lot of high notes in a small amount of space, which makes it perfect for an app like Bumble .

Short Dating Profile Example #6:

short bio 6

And you could use a profile like this for the “Self Summary” section of sites like OkCupid or Elite Singles ...

Short Dating Profile Example #7:

Pros & Cons list for Tinder profile

You can also get creative in your dating app profile, as long as you make sure the humor lands.

Short Dating Profile Example #8:

how to write a good bio on dating app

Here's another funny short bio you can use for inspiration.

Short Dating Profile Example #9:

Did you know 96.3% of men on Bumble are below 5'3", between jobs and list their fave hobby as "binge-watching GoT"?

When you’re choosing a profile style, keep these 3 factors in mind:

A woman in her 20s who’s looking for a more casual relationship will likely respond better to the type of humor in the last online dating profile example than a woman in her late 30s looking for something serious would.

On the other hand, if you’re a 35+ guy looking for a serious relationship, choose a profile like the second example.

The more down-to-earth approach will attract women who are looking for an established, successful man. You want your profile to attract the right person, so it's worth being strategic about what tone you choose.

If you want to use one of these examples for a section of a longer online dating profile on a dating site like OkCupid , simply move the call-to-action to the end of your profile.

That’s the line at the very end that tells her what to do next, i.e. message you or swipe right.

Short Dating Profile Example #10:

how to write a good bio on dating app

Asking a question, like in the examples above, is also a good CTA.

It takes all the pressure off her to decide what to say in her first message to you  - all she needs to do is simply answer the question, and you can take it from there.

Try it on an app like Bumble, where a man can't initiate the conversation with a woman.

500 Character Or Less Dating Profile Examples

This character limit is perfect for apps like Tinder , or on a dating site like or PlentyOfFish if you want to keep your profile short and sweet.

The same rules apply as in the other good dating profile examples for guys you've seen.

Highlight a couple of your most compelling trait s...

Short Dating Profile Example #11:

how to write a good bio on dating app

Keep the tone casual, engaging and positive…

Short Dating Profile Example #12:

Sure, I could be "that guy" and throw a bunch of nice adjectives at you... Adventurous. Smart. Generous. Then tell you about my love of sunsets, how I give back to my community and my incredible sense of humor. But let's be real...

Use humor in an attractive way...

Short Dating Profile Example #13:

When I'm not shoveling money into my vault, I'm wandering around my 3-story mansion, chasing my nephews and reading leather-bound books. Basically I'm Scrooge McDuck, minus the lisp & bifocals.

And get ready for more Tinder matches!

Why Short Dating Profiles Are Successful (When Done Right)

The longer your dating profile is, the more chances you have to inadvertently turn her off.

Here are 5 common profile mistakes guys make that *really* stand out in short dating profiles:

#1: Writing A Boring List

Example of a long, boring list in a dating profile.

Whether it’s a list of adjectives to describe yourself or your top 5 hobbies, reading a bunch of words separated by commas just isn’t very compelling.

#2: Using Bad Grammar/Spelling/Etc

Misspelled words and poor (or no) punctuation stand out like a sore thumb in short dating profiles.

Example of a bio with no punctuation.

You may think ignoring your phone’s spell check is no big deal, but it’s a turn off for her. A whopping 88% of women judge a potential date by their grammar, and putting effort into your dating profile shows you’re serious about meeting someone. That's dating advice you can't afford to ignore.

#3: Being Too Honest

While there are a few select spots where it’s okay to fudge a bit in your dating profile, honesty is generally the best policy.

But *too much* of it is a bad thing.

Anything that hints at past drama or throws up an immediate red flag should not be included in your profile. “Heavy” topics are best addressed in person, when you’ve already gotten to know each other a bit.

Don't include past drama or current struggles in your bio.

Letting your matches know you prioritize mental health is fine. In fact, 91% of Hinge users surveyed by the dating app said they would prefer to date someone who goes to therapy. Just make clear in your profile that you're in a good headspace for dating.

Knowing what you should - and shouldn't - include can be tricky, which is why many guys hire a profile writing service .

#4: Focusing On The Negative

Whether you're expounding on what you don't like, don't want, don't appreciate in a date, or hate about the dating app, what you probably are doing is turning her off.

Negativity, particularly coming from someone you don't know anything about yet, is not very attractive and has no place in your profile.

Don't sound negative in your bio.

#5: Making Her Think You're A "Project" 

Competition is already fierce on almost every online dating site, and most girls aren't consciously looking for a guy who needs a little fixing up or encouragement.

Don't make her think you need "fixing"

Even if you do need someone to draw you out of your shell or help you find love again, stick with mentioning positive attributes in your profile.

Get Ready For More Matches & Messages

These 13 short dating profile examples really work - you’ll be getting more matches and messages in no time.

But what if you could get even better results, without spending endless amounts of time swiping or struggling to write the perfect message?

After all, having an irresistible profile is just the beginning.

There’s a lot of competition for the highest quality matches, no matter what dating site or app you’re on. That means it's not just about your bio - you need to bring your A game to every aspect of online dating, from your profile photos to your messages .

Sound like work?

Yup. Online dating is time consuming, there’s no way around it. For the average man, it’s practically the equivalent of a part-time job .

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

With VIDA , you’ll meet the intelligent, attractive women you’ve been looking for, without all the stress, frustration, and time.

How is that possible? Simple - our team of dating experts does it all for you, from our dating profile writing service to modern matchmaking!

We’ll identify the most highly qualified matches in your area, break the ice with proven conversation starters, handle all your back-and-forth message writing, and even set up your dates for you with the matches you like best!

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