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101 Poetry Prompts & Ideas for Writing Poems

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support!These poetry prompts are designed to help you keep a creative writing practice. If you’re staring at a blank page and the words aren’t flowing, the creative writing prompts for poems can be a great way to get started! New for 2023!…

poetry writing prompts

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These poetry prompts are designed to help you keep a creative writing practice. If you’re staring at a blank page and the words aren’t flowing, the creative writing prompts for poems can be a great way to get started!

New for 2023! Due to popular demand, I created a printable, ad-free version of these poetry prompts you can download to use at home or even in the classroom! Get them at our Etsy Shop .

Even if poetry isn’t your thing, you could always use these things to inspire other writing projects. Essays, journal entries, short stories, and flash fiction are just a few examples of ways this list can be used.

You may even find this list of creative poetry writing prompts helpful as an exercise to build your skills in descriptive writing and using metaphors!

Let’s get onto the list, shall we?

Here are 101 Poetry Prompts for Creative Writing

Most of these creative writing ideas are simple and open-ended. This allows you total creative freedom to write from these poetry prompts in your own unique style, tone, and voice.

If one poetry idea doesn’t appeal to you, challenge yourself to find parallels between the prompt and things that you do enjoy writing about!

1.The Untouchable : Something that will always be out of reach

2. 7 Days, 7 Lines : Write a poem where each line/sentence is about each day of last week

3. Grandma’s Kitchen : Focus on a single memory, or describe what you might imagine the typical grandmother’s kitchen to be like

4. Taste the Rainbow : What does your favorite color taste like?

5. Misfits: How it feels when you don’t belong in a group of others.

6. Stranger Conversations : Start the first line of your poem with a word or phrase from a recent passing conversation between you and someone you don’t know.

7. On the Field : Write from the perspective of a sports ball {Baseball, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, etc.} – think about what the sports ball might feel, see, hear, think, and experience with this poetry idea!

8. Street Signs: Take note of the words on signs and street names you pass while driving, walking, or riding the bus. Write a poem starting with one of these words you notice.

9. Cold water: What feelings do you associate with cold water? Maybe it’s a refreshing cold glass of water on a hot day, or maybe you imagine the feelings associated with being plunged into the icy river in the winter.

10. Ghostwriter: Imagine an invisible ghost picks up a pen and starts writing to you.

11. Lessons From Math Class: Write about a math concept, such as “you cannot divide by zero” or never-ending irrational numbers.

12. Instagram Wall: Open up either your own Instagram account or one of a friend/celebrity and write poetry based on the first picture you see.

13. Radio: Tune in to a radio station you don’t normally listen to, and write a poem inspired by the the first song or message you hear.

14. How To : Write a poem on how to do something mundane most people take for granted, such as how to tie your shoes, how to turn on a lamp, how to pour a cup of coffee.

15. Under 25 Words : Challenge yourself to write a poem that is no more than 25 words long.

16. Out of Order: Write about your feelings when there is an out of order sign on a vending machine.

17. Home Planet: Imagine you are from another planet, stuck on earth and longing for home.

18. Uncertainty : Think about a time in your life when you couldn’t make a decision, and write based on this.

19. Complete : Be inspired by a project or task be completed – whether it’s crossing something off the never-ending to-do list, or a project you have worked on for a long time.

20. Compare and Contrast Personality : What are some key differences and similarities between two people you know?

21. Goodbyes : Write about a time in your life you said goodbye to someone – this could be as simple as ending a mundane phone conversation, or harder goodbyes to close friends, family members, or former partners.

22. Imagine Weather Indoors : Perhaps a thunderstorm in the attic? A tornado in the kitchen?

23. Would You Rather? Write about something you don’t want to do, and what you would rather do instead.

24. Sound of Silence : Take some inspiration from the classic Simon & Garfunkel song and describe what silence sounds like.

25. Numbness : What’s it like to feel nothing at all?

26. Fabric Textures : Use different fiber textures, such as wool, silk, and cotton as a poetry writing prompt.

27. Anticipation : Write about the feelings you experience or things you notice while waiting for something.

28. Poison: Describe something toxic and its effects on a person.

29. Circus Performers: Write your poetry inspired by a circus performer – a trapeze artist, the clowns, the ringmaster, the animal trainers, etc.

30. Riding on the Bus : Write a poem based on a time you’ve traveled by bus – whether a school bus, around town, or a long distance trip to visit a certain destination.

31. Time Freeze : Imagine wherever you are right now that the clock stops and all the people in the world are frozen in place. What are they doing?

32. The Spice of Life : Choose a spice from your kitchen cabinet, and relate its flavor to an event that has happened recently in your daily life.

33. Parallel Universe : Imagine you, but in a completely different life based on making a different decision that impacted everything else.

34. Mad Scientist : Create a piece based on a science experiment going terribly, terribly wrong.

35. People You Have Known : Make each line about different people you have met but lost contact with over the years. These could be old friends, passed on family, etc.

36. Last Words : Use the last sentence from the nearest book as the inspiration for the first line of your poem.

37. Fix This : Think about something you own that is broken, and write about possible ways to fix it. Duct tape? A hammer and nails?

hammer poetry prompt idea

38. Suspicion : Pretend you are a detective and you have to narrow down the suspects.

39. Political News : Many famous poets found inspiration from the current politics in their time. Open up a newspaper or news website, and create inspired by the first news article you find.

40. The Letter D : Make a list of 5 words that start with all with the same letter, and then use these items throughout the lines of your verse. {This can be any letter, but for example sake: Daisy, Dishes, Desk, Darkness, Doubt}

41. Quite the Collection : Go to a museum, or look at museum galleries online. Draw your inspiration from collections of objects and artifacts from your favorite display. Examples: Pre-historic days, Egyptians, Art Galleries, etc.

42. Standing in Line : Think of a time you had to stand in line for something. Maybe you were waiting in a check-out line at the store, or you had to stand in line to enter a concert or event.

43. Junk Mail Prose: Take some inspiration from your latest junk mail. Maybe it’s a grocery store flyer announcing a sale on grapes, or an offer for a credit card.

44. Recipe : Write your poem in the form of a recipe. This can be for something tangible, such as a cake, or it can be a more abstract concept such as love or happiness. List ingredients and directions for mixing and tips for cooking up your concept to perfection.

45. Do you like sweaters? Some people love their coziness, others find them scratchy and too hot. Use your feelings about sweaters in a poem.

46. After Party : What is it like after all party guests go home?

47. Overgrown : Use  Little Shop of Horrors  for inspiration, or let your imagination run wild on what might happen if a plant or flower came to life or started spreading rapidly to take over the world.

48. Interference: Write a poem that is about someone or something coming in between you and your goals.

49. On Shaky Ground: Use an earthquake reference or metaphor in your poem.

50. Trust Issues : Can you trust someone you have doubted in the past?

51. Locked in a Jar: Imagine you are a tiny person, who has been captured and put into a jar for display or science.

52. Weirder Than Fiction: Think of the most unbelievable moment in your life, and write a poem about the experience.

53. Fast Food: Write a poem about fast food restaurants and experiences.

fast food writing prompt hamburger

54. Unemployed: Write a poem about quitting or being fired from a job you depended on.

55. Boxes: What kinds of family secrets or stories might be hiding in that untouched box in the attic?

56. No One Understands : Write about what it feels like when no one understands or agrees with your opinion.

57. Criminal Minds : Write a poem from the perspective of a high-profile criminal who is always on the run from law enforcement.

58. Marathon Runner : Write a poem about what training you might be doing to accomplish a difficult challenge in your life.

59. Trapped : Write about an experience that made you feel trapped.

60. Passing the Church : Write a poem about noticing something interesting while passing by a church near your home.

61. Backseat Driver: Write about what it’s like to be doing something in your life and constantly being criticized while trying to move ahead.

62. Luster: Create a descriptive poem about something that has a soft glow or sheen to it.

63. Clipboard: Write a poem about someone who is all business like and set in their ways of following a system.

64. Doctor: Write a poem about receiving advice from a doctor.

65. First Car : Write an ode to your first car

66. Life Didn’t Go As a Planned : Write about a recent or memorable experience when nothing went according to plan.

67. Architect : Imagine you are hired to design a building for a humanitarian cause you are passionate about.

68. The Crazy Cat Hoarder : Write about someone who owns far too many cats.

69. Queen : Write a poem from the perspective of a queen.

70. Movie Character : Think of a recent movie you watched, and create a poem about one character specifically, or an interaction between two characters that was memorable.

71. Potential Energy : Write about an experience where you had a lot of potential for success, but failed.

72. Moonlight : Write about an experience in the moonlight.

73. Perfection : Write about trying to always keep everything perfect.

74. You Are Wrong : Write a poem where you tell someone they are wrong and why.

75. Sarcasm : Write a poem using sarcasm as a form of illustrating your point.

76. Don’t Cry : Write a poem about how not to cry when it’s hard to hold back the tears.

77. Listen Up: Write a poem telling someone they are better than they think they are.

78. Flipside : Find the good in something terrible.

79. Maybe They Had a Reason : Write a poem about someone doing something you don’t understand, and try to explain what reasons they might have had.

80. How to Drive : Write a poem that explains how to drive to a teenager.

81. Up & Down the Steps: Write a poem that includes the motion of going up or down a staircase

82. Basket Case: Has there ever been a time when you thought you might lose your mind? Jot your feelings and thoughts down in verse form.

83. Lucky Guess:  Many times in our life we have to make a good guess for what is the best decision. Use this poetry idea to write about feelings related to guessing something right – or wrong.

84. Dear Reader:  What audience enjoys reading the type of poetry you like to write? Craft a note to your potential audience that addresses their biggest fears, hopes, and dreams.

85. All or Nothing : Share your thoughts on absolutist thinking: when one’s beliefs are so set in stone there are no exceptions.

86. Ladders in the Sky : Imagine there are ladders that take you up to the clouds. What could be up there? What feelings do you have about climbing the ladders, or is their a mystery as to how they got there in the first place?

ladder poetry prompt

87. Always On My Mind: Compose a poem about what it’s like to always be thinking about someone or something.

88. Paranoia : What would it be like if you felt like someone was watching you but no one believed you?

89. Liar, Liar: How would you react to someone who lied to you?

90. Secret Word: What’s the magic word to unlock someone’s access to something?

91. For What It’s Worth: Use a valuable object in your home as inspiration as a poetry prompt idea.

92. Coming Home to Secrets: Imagine a person who puts on a good act to cover up a secret they deal with at home.

93. Productivity: Talk about your greatest struggles with time management and organization.

94. Defying Gravity: Use words that relate to being weightless and floating.

95. Signs of the Times : How has a place you are familiar with changed over the past 10 years?

96. Sleepless Nights : What ideas and feelings keep you up at night? What’s it like when you have to wake up in the morning on a night you can’t sleep?

97. You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit : Use one of the worst job related memories you can think of as a creative writing prompt.

98. By George : You can choose any name, but think of 3-5 notable figures or celebrities who share a common first name, and combine their personalities and physical characteristics into one piece of poetry. For example: George Washington, George Clooney, George Harrison.

99. Shelter : Write a poem about a time you were thankful for shelter from a storm.

100. Cafeteria : Create a poem inspired by the people who might be eating lunch in a cafeteria at school or at a hospital.

101. Dusty Musical Instruments : Base your poem around the plight of a musician who hasn’t picked up the guitar or touched a piano in years.

Love these prompts? The printable, ad-free version of these poetry prompts can be used offline or in the classroom! Get them at our Etsy Shop .

There are unlimited possibilities for ways you can use these poem ideas to write poetry. Using a list like this can greatly help you with getting into the habit of writing daily – even when you don’t feel inspired to write.

While not every poem you write will be an award-winning masterpiece, using these poem starters as a regular exercise can help you better your craft as a writer.

I hope you enjoy these poetry prompts – and if you write anything you’d like to share inspired by these creative poetry writing prompts, let us know in the comments below – we love to see how others use writing ideas to create their own work!

And of course, don’t forget to get the ad-free poetry prompt cards printable version if you’d like to use these prompts offline, in the classroom or with your small group!

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Chelle Stein wrote her first embarrassingly bad novel at the age of 14 and hasn't stopped writing since. As the founder of ThinkWritten, she enjoys encouraging writers and creatives of all types.

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I had a wonderful inspiration from prompt number 49 “On Shaky Ground,” although it’s not exactly about an earthquake. I wanted to share it on here, so I hope you enjoy it!

Title: “Shaking Ground”

The ground’s shaking My heart’s aching I’m getting dizzy My mind’s crazy

On shaking ground It’s like I’m on a battleground We’re all fighting for love Dirtying our white glove

The ground’s shaking My body’s quaking Love is so cruel Making me a fool

On shaking ground We are all love-bound Stuck in a crate Nobody can avoid this fate

The ground’s shaking We are all waking Opening our eyes Everyone dies

On shaking ground Our love is profound Although we are separate Better places await

The ground’s shaking Death’s overtaking Heaven is descending The world’s ending

On shaking ground In love we are drowned

Awesome interpretation Amanda! Thanks for sharing!

heyyy, I have written something regarding prompt 27 and 96 The Night Charms.

Do you dread the dark; Or do you adore the stars? Do you really think the fire place is that warm; Or you just envy the night charms? The skyline tries to match the stars’ sparkle, The sky gets dark, the vicinity gets darker. The “sun” has set for the day being loyal; These are now the lamps burning the midnight oil. The Eve so busy, that everyone forgets to praise its beauty. The sun has set without anyone bidding him an adieu, Failed to demonstrate its scintillating view. The moon being the epitome of perfection, Has the black spots, Depicting an episode of it’s dark past.

And I sit; I sit and wonder till the dawn. What a peaceful time it is, To have a small world of your own. Away from the chaos, I found a soul that was lost. So tired, yet radiant, Trying to be someone she’s not in the end. That bewitching smile held my hand, Carried me back to shore, letting me feel my feet in the sand. The waves moved to and fro, Whispering to me as they go, “Oh girl, my girl This is the soul you have within you, Never let it vanish, For it alters you into something good and something new, Don’t let the cruel world decide, Don’t let anyone kill that merry vibe.”

Then I saw my own soul fade, Fly into my heart, For what it was made. Oh dear lord, The night’s silence became my solace, My life lessons were made by the waves. Who am I? What have I done to myself? Many questions were answered in self reproach, The answers were still unspoken with no depth. Oh dear night, What have you done to me? Or should I thank you for putting a soul that I see. The nights spent later were now spectacular, My darkness somehow added some light to my life, Making it fuller… Everyday after a day, walking through the scorching lawns, I wait for the the dusk to arrive, and then explore myself till the dawn.

This is so amazing I ran out of words. Very lit thoughts beautifully penned. Keep writing like this dude.❤🌻

That is beautiful, it inspired me to write about my fears, thank you!!

Thank you for the inspiration! 😀 This was based of 21 and 77 (I think those were the numbers lol)

Goodbye to the days when we played together in the sun Goodbye to the smile on your face and to all of the fun I look at you, so dull and blue How long before I can say hello to the real you You are worth more than you think At the very least, you are to me Though there are greater things that wait for you than the least You are worthy of the most, the greatest of things If only goodbye could be ‘see you later’ I want to see the real you again To your suffering I don’t want to be just a spectator I want it all to end Goodbye to my only friend I want to heal you but I don’t know how I wish I had this all figured out Please come back to me I just want you to be free

Thank u so much im more inspired after seeing these creative ideas. 🤗

Glad they inspired you!

Thanks for sharing Amanda!

That was beautiful! I am a writer too! I actually just finished writing one but, it wasn’t from this website, just kind of something that’s been on my head for a while you know? Anyways, again, that was awesome! I am a Christian, and I love seeing people write about that kind of stuff! 🙂

I am jim from Oregon. I am also a writer, not very good but active. I am a Christian as well as you are. Sometimes it is hard to come up with something to write about.

All of a sudden, I have started to write poetry. Do you like all forms of writing? I would enjoy reading some of you work if you would you would like to s if you would like to send me some.

i have written one about frozen time:

my brother will be drawing, his pencil wont leave the sheet, my mother hearing the radio, today’s news on repeat. my sister, in fact, is making her bed, she’ll be making it still, till the last bug is dead. me, on the other hand, i’ll be visiting you, i’ll see you in action, doing the things that you do, i’ll be happy to see you, just a last time, i’ll kiss your still lips, and hold for a while. then i’ll take a plane to saudi, where i’ll see my dad, he’ll be swimming with turtles, he will not seem sad. i have lived on this earth, for 15 whole years, time for goodbye, with not a single tear.

hey beautifully expressed…!!!

Beautifully penned 🌼

I love it I tried one out myself as well Change

She sat looking out the window. The sound of the piano’s cheerful tune ringing out throughout the room. The sweet smell of burnt pine emanating from her fireplace. The sky is blue and the sun shines bright. She closes her eyes for a second. She opens them again. The window is broken and scattered on the ground. The piano sits covered in ashes, every symphony played now just a distant memory replaced with a discordant melody. The room smells of smoke and ash. The sky is dark and rain falls on the remnants of her home. Not a living thing in sight,not even her.

Nice one Amanda. kind of tells me the chronology of love and its eventualities.

such a dilightful poem, thanks for the word that made the day for me. you are such a good poet.

Omg! What!! This is amazing! I’d love to feature this piece on my blog I also love this blog post by, planning on putting the link in my next blog post so others can come over here to check it out! So helpful!

this is so great! I’ve been needing inspiration. this might work

Thank you so much for this article! I love the profundity and open-endedness of the prompts. Here is a poem I wrote, drawing inspiration from #56, “No One Understands.” I wrote this from the perspective of a psychic Arcturian Starseed in her teenage years and how the world perceives her spiritual connection; while at the same time hinting at the true meaning of her various baffling actions. Enjoy 🙂

Starseed – a poem on perspective

In the snow She stands alone Wrapped in shrouds of mystery Her gentle hand gloved with giving Caressing A violet stone

Math class is dismissed But there still she sits Speaking to the ceiling in tender tones A soft and healing resonance Murmuring sweetly of ascension to Another, dearer dimension

In homeroom Her classmate weeps Of missed planes and shattered dreams Quietly She strokes the hand of the suffering And whispers then of channeling Some celestial utopia called Arcturus Where she claims to have been.

Please feel free to let me know where I need to improve! I’m fourteen years old and only an amateur, so a few suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, love and light 🙂

#79 I don’t know why he was so mad Did he not get his mail Was he already mad Or did he only get bills

He swung his arm with force He caused a loud bang He hurt his own hand He left with some blood

He is the man that punched the mailbox His hand dripped blood on it He left it with a dent He left it alone after that

That’s great Michael, thank you for sharing your response to one of the prompts!

Awesome! That was simple and yet creative

Interesting tips and keywords for boosting inspiration. I’ve found some good topic for start writing. Thanks

sleepless nights (#96)

it’s never a strangled cry that drags me from my dreams, but a gentle whisper, there to nudge the socks off my feet, and settle me back into the sheets. i seem to wake before i’ve had a chance to fall to rest.

why is it that i can never sleep, but always dream?

sleepless nights rule my life and drag me by my toes, throwing me into a sky of black and blue. not a single star can break through this spillage. and i sit and wonder in a sea of sheets, rippling around me, why my mind can swim these dark, tangling waters and i never need to take a breath.

have you ever noticed how static-filled the dark is? because when i lay buried under these burdens and blankets, the world seems ready to crumble under my grasp.

i can’t sleep, but i can dream, of days when i wasn’t pulled struggling from bed but awoken into the light. i wonder how i ever survived the grainy sky’s midnight troubles, the oil spill of its thunderclouds, the sandpaper raspiness of the three a.m. earth against my throat.

oh, how i can never sleep in a world that threatens to fall apart.

this is amazing! i hope i can be this good one day

once again beautiful <3

Thank you so much for these prompts! They’re so thought-provoking.

You’re welcome! Glad you enjoy them!

Take me back to those days, When I was allowed to dream, Where no one use to scream. Take me back to those days, When I was a child, Where I never use to find reasons to smile. Take me Take back to those days, When I never used to lie, Where I never used to shy. Take me back those carefreee days, When I was far away from school days. Take me back to those days , where every one used to prase, no matter how foolish i behave. Take me back to those days, when i wasn’t stuck between fake people. Take me back to the day I was born, So that I could live those days again………….

so mine is basically a mix between 76 and 77… I made it for my literature club i recently began trying to make.

‘Listen to me’ Listen to me your words mean more than you think your opinion is worthy to be shared your songs are capable of being sung

Listen to me

your smile is bright your frown shows nothing more than you should be cared for like you care for us.

your laughter is delightful and so is everything else

dont let the past go hurt you find strength in the experience

are you listening to me?

can you here me?

because YOU matter

Nice, thank you for sharing!

Prompt #1 “Untouchable”

Grasping Reaching Searching for the untouchable The indescribable On the tip of my tongue My fingertips Close to my heart But warping my brain Yet understood in the depths of my soul Emotions undiscovered Words Unsaid Deep in the depths of my mind Hand outstretched Lingering on the edge Eyes wide open But somehow still blind Unattainable But still in the hearts of The Brave The Curious The Resilient They Seek the unseekable They pursue the unattainable Each man seeing it in a different aspect Each of their visions blurred Each distorted by Experiences Traumas Wishes Dreams Filtering what’s untouchable

Thank you, glad you enjoy it!

I had good inspiration from #51, locked in a jar. I used it more metaphorically instead of literally. So here it is: glass walls, lid screwed on tight, can’t escape, not even at night. From the inside, looking out, this is not who I’m supposed to be. I’m supposed to be bigger, I’m supposed to be free, not stuck in a jar, no room to breathe. I need to move, I need to soar, I need to be able to speak my opinions and more. So as I look down at my tiny self, in this glass jar, “let me out, I can’t take it anymore”, I say to the bigger me, the one ignoring my tiny pleas.

Just wanted to add a twist to this promt. I’m just a beginner in the art of poetry, but I tried. If anyone has any creative criticism, go ahead! #16: our of order

My brain is out of order My thoughts have filled it to the brim Of my deepest thoughts of who I am Who we are As people We are out of order Never focusing on what we want Our passions All we ever get is work on top of work Pushing us down and down Like a giant hand Squeezing us into the depths of our depressions Until We can do anything But take it Anymore

Thank you Ash for sharing your take on the prompt with us!

Thank you ASH for reminding we can do anything if we try

Was inspired by #77 listen up Listen up…….! When would you listen up! Seems! you have given up! No matter who shut you up! Stand straight and look up!

Look up don’t be discouraged Let you heart be filled with courage Listen up and be encouraged Let life be sweet as porridge

You might have been down Like you have no crown Because deep down You were shut down

There is still hope When there is life Yes! You can still cope If you can see the light Yes! Even in the night

Oh listen up! Please listen up and take charge, You are better than the best Listen up! And oh! Please listen up.

beautifully written!

I wrote a poem using prompt 21 and I’m so proud of it. Comment if you want me to post it🤓

I bet the poem you wrote about prompt 21 is really good. I would like to read it please.

Mental prison, what a way to be trapped, being hidden, being snapped,

Clear glass is all i feel, apart from people, I hope I heal, I will never be equal,

I am different I am hurt raging currents people put on high alert but no one cares

No one dreads many tears I only have so many more threads

One day I’ll be gone but no one would care I will run away from the death chair

But until then

Mental prison what a way to be trapped being hidden being snapped

One day this will all blow away someday I will be molded out of clay but until then I will be lead astray

This is so darn awesome. It’s so deep and evokes the deepest of feelings🥰

I wrote almost the same thing omg I’m turning it into a contest entry

Inspired by No. 1! I am completely new to poetry, but I love it so much already! Here it is.

Perfection is Untouchable-

Perfection waiting, out of reach

Will I never touch it?

It always remain


No matter how hard I try

I will never quite reach

It will always remain

Though many people have tried

And seemed to have come close

But perfection’s not the goal

‘Cause we can’t quite grasp it

Perfection will always be

For all eternity

Looks like you are off to a great start!

Of Course, Silly Billy Me

”Well shit, I guess I lost my opportunity” the youngster retort

You see, for him, it’s all about his hurt – but she’s so educated, knows more about the rules of English than the rest of us.

Thus, to me she said… You cannot use curse words in a court report… you need to paraphrase his quote.

Into her spastic face I smiled – and pled my case

If you were my English professor back in the day, I could only imagine how much further in life I would have been…

”Don’t you mean farther in life?”

Of course, silly billy me.

This poem is called Secret Keeper and was inspired by #92. I hope you like it.

Everyone has a secret, Whether it be their own, Or someone else’s, We all have one.

But what if, You met someone, Who had a secret so big, That telling anyone would lead to horrible things.

And what if, That person told someone, And what they told them, Was more horrible than anything they could have ever imagined.

What if, That person told everyone, And when the parents, Of the kid with the secret found out, They were furious.

What if, They kept doing horrible things, Even though everyone knew, Even though they knew it was wrong.

And finally, What if, No one ever helped, The little kid with the biggest secret.

On number 28 : Poision I wrote a poem for it and would like to share it. The poision of friends and love

Beaten,she lies there. For they may be mistaken. Laughter rings throughout the school halls; a pure disaster. The dissapearence of parents hast caused this yet no one stops it. “Your a disgrace!” She heard them say. While in place she cries “I don’t belong here! Perhaps im out of place..” But she is not misplaced rather.. Shes lost in space.

I miss when you called me baby And I was in your arms saftely I know we drive eachother crazy But I miss callin you my baby

Those restless nights when I couldn’t sleep You calmed me down with your technique Always reminded me I’m strong not weak If only I let you speak

My heart only beats for you My feelings for you only grew You understood what I was going through I will never regret knowing you

Your smile melted my heart I wish we could restart And I could be apart Of a man I see as a work of art!

Stary night painting poem I guess ill call it

I raised my paint brush to my canvas So I could help people understand this This feeling of emotion for this painting has spoken I see the light as opportunity As for the whole thing it symbolizes unity The swirls degnify elegance and uncertainty For this painting executes this perfectly Where as my paintings let me adress Everything I feel I need to express!

#56 WHITE NOISE Faded away In the background Unheard Not visible

Eardrums splitting from the screams Yet none seem to care Can even hear my cries for help? For I am screaming as loud as I can

Are you? For all we hear Are whispers in here

Fading away in the background Unheard, invisible Yet it’s there, not loud enough Not noticeable, but there White noise Blank and pure In the background Faded away, yet so clear.

Just need to listen So open your ears She’s screaming for help But it’s muted to your ears

So open ’em up And listen to the calls For faded away, in the background Not visible, but clear. White Noise. It’s there.

Hi guys, I’m kind of late joining in. I read the prompts and the poems posted and this community is a creative bunch. I liked #35 People You Have Known. I want to share it with you guys.

Bern, a friend from grade school was my seat mate as well Rob had always teased me so my young life was hell Neesa was pretty, she knew that she was my crush Miss Homel, our teacher was always in a rush Played ball with Buco and I got hit on my head Fell in love with Cia, dreamt of her in my bed Had a tattoo with Marcus and called it “The Day” Chub challenged me to eat two pies, I said, “No way” I had to go far away so I wrote to Charie In this new place I found a friend in Perry My Grandma Leng passed away, she was a doll My grumpy uncle, Uncle Zar was teased by all These people have touched my life for worse or better Won’t be forgotten, be remembered forever

I hope that you liked it. Thanks guys. Thanks Think Written.

#37 fix it Still new to poems, and I haven’t written one in a while. Criticism is welcome because I need some more inspiration since I haven’t been getting any.

This is the body repair shop where we fix humans that have stopped how may we help you?

the girl stumbled upon the front door and spilled her list of regrets out into the open

“we’re sorry, miss” “but i’m afraid your first kiss will just be a dear old reminisce”

“your heart is also one that cannot be mended” “for every shattered piece- their lives just simply ended” the sewing kit can’t sew the fragments of her heart back because there were way too many to backtrack

she cried her heart out and it went “plop!” her tears like a river and like a lightbulb flickering its last light she too, took her last breath and was put to death

This is the body repair shop where we fix humans that have stopped “it seems we have failed again today” “sorry we’ll just try harder again another day”

I did poetry prompt #7. I wrote about the street I grew up on. Luverne Luverne, I moved onto you at the age of three. We like to race up and down your pavement road, either biking or running. You keep safe the house that I grew up in, one that has six humans and three dogs. You shelter other houses, too, that hold family friends and best friends to last a lifetime.

Luverne, we love you.

-Margaret McMahon

I was inspired by the prompt poison. Monster Roses are beautiful and delicate, but flawed.

Every rose has thorns that cause you to bleed.

Its innocence and beauty draws you in.

Only then when you touch it, it poisons you.

Am I really such an ugly monster, that plants pain an watches it spread?

I would say no.

Wouldn’t we all?

But maybe, just maybe a rose doesn’t notice it’s thorns.

-Lilliana Pridie

You said you’re only just starting?! That was sooo good! No criticism here. 🙂

Sorry, that was meant for “Ash” but yours was amazing too! 🙂

Prompt number 8: Street signs STOP Stop look and listen Stop at the corner Stop at the red light Stop for pedestrians Stop for cyclists Stop for animals Stop doing that Stop drop and roll Stop doing something else Stop shouting Stop whispering Stop talking Stop being quiet Stop posting cute cat videos Stop forgetting your appointments Stop making plans without me Stop eating all the yummies Stop running Stop the insanity Stop shopping Stop the never-ending commentary in my head Stop stopping Stop

Thanks for making this site and all its suggestions and especially this space to post our work, available!

I wrote from prompt #72 about moonlight. Shining down like a spotlight, Illuminating everything around you. The pure white light, Paint your surroundings in a soft glow. The round ball in the sky, speckled with craters like the freckles on your face. Looking down upon the sleeping earth, A nightlight for those still awake, a nightlight for you. Guides you, pulls you, lulls you towards it. It caresses your face with the light, casting away the shadows of the night.

I liked it I just wrote a small poem dedicated to my tutor and tutor just loved it .I used 21 good bye . I liked it really.😊

I just took up writing so bear with me.

Based on #72 “Moonlight”

A full bed Just the left side filled Soft, cold, baby blue sheets wrap around bare feet

She sweetly invites herself in Dressing the dark in a blue hue through cypress filled air, like 5 A.M. drives in January on the misty Northern coast.

Damp hair dances across grey skin, Waltzing with the breeze to Radiohead’s “How to Disappear Completely”

Euphoria slow dances with Tranquility Heavy eyes give in to sleep

Ladder to the Sky I want to climb the ladder to the sky I’m sure all would be well and that I could fly The ladder would be sturdy but still give me a fright Because looking down I’ll realized I’ve climbed many heights The higher I climb the greater the fall The greater the fall, the greater the sprawl But if i ever get to the sky up high I would be sure to hug you and say “goodbye” Once I’ve climbed the ladder I’ll know Sometimes its okay to look far down below Life is full of failure but soon I’ll find Happiness is a place, and not of the mind We all have ladders to climb and lives to live We all have a little piece of us that we can give Because when we climb that ladder to the sky We should think “No, life never passed me by”

Hi Ray, I love your piece.It gives one courage to face the challenges of live and move on.

Thanks for sharing the prompts Chelle Stein. I wrote this sometimes ago before coming to this site and I believed prompts #1 and #88 inspired my writing it. kindly help me vet it and give your criticism and recommendation. It is titled “SHADOW”.

My shadow your shadow My reflection your reflection My acts your acts

No one sees me,no one sees you Programmed by the Ubiquitous, To act as our bystander in realism

Virtuous iniquitous rises on that day To vindicate to incriminate My deeds your deeds.

Thanks for the seemingly endless amounts of writing prompts. I’ve been working on a poem, but it isn’t much.

She’s got my head spinning, Around and around; She’s all I think about, I can’t help but wondering, Does she feel the same?

Of course not, I’m just a fool; I’m nothing special, Just another person; Bland and dull.

How could a girl like her, love a guy like me? But the way she looks at me, Her smile, I can’t help but to feel flustered; Is this just my imagination?

It must be.

Wow! That’s exactly how I feel! Amazing poem!

Thanks so much, I’m glad you like it. 🙂

A massive thank you to for these amazing prompts. Some of these prompts have now formed the basis of my upcoming poetry collection (Never Marry a Writer) scheduled for release on January 1 2021. I will also be leaving a “Thank you” message for this website in the acknowledgements section. You have inspired a whole poetry collection out of nowhere which is highly commendable. So booktiful that!

That is wonderful news!

So I didn’t use any of the prompts but I wanted some feedback on this; it’s not great but I’m working on improving my writing skills

I am a girl who is broken easily and loves music I wonder if things will ever be normal again I hear light screaming through the darkness I want freedom from the chains trapping me in my fear I am a girl who is broken easily and loves music

I pretend to float in the ocean, letting the waves carry me away from reality I feel a presence of hope like a flame on my bare skin I touch the eye of a storm, grasping the stillness it brings I worry about wars that a spreading like wildfires I cry when I’m not with the people I love I am a girl who is broken easily and loves music

I understand feeling hopeless when you have no control over what is happening I say our differences make us special I dream to be a nurse, to help others when they can’t help themselves I try to do my best in everything I hope that all mankind will stop fighting and live in peace I am a girl who is broken easily and loves music






I wrote a poem based on #101.

Thank you so much for the inspiration!!

And then it was there. What I had been missing. What is it? You may ask. Well, it’s quite simple actually. It’s the joy of music. It’s the joy of sitting down and making music. It’s the joy you feel when you look up at people admiring you. The joy you see in peoples’ eyes. I don’t know why I ever stopped that. The piano sat on the stage. Dusty and untouched. It’d been decades since I’ve seen it. I haven’t come to this stage since I lost her. After the concert. The last time I ever heard her voice. And yet here I am years and years later. Knowing why I haven’t been happy in so long. Of course pain is always gonna be there, But as I played a soft note on the piano, All of it seemed to disappear. It was as if all the weight on my shoulders got lifted. The melodious notes resonated around the hall. And for a few moments, I forgot about all the pain. I forgot about the tears. I forgot about the heartache. And as the last notes echoed around the hall, I was truly happy.

Prompt #92: Coming home with secrets

My mother’s radio sits in the balcony And it greets me with electric static Coming to this sheltering home is somewhat problematic Cause the walls are too thin, and it’s back to reality. Back to the running water that conceals the noise of cracks Crumbling behind my peeling mask, holding my face with wax An unraveled thread masking the makeup smile of a wakeup call That runs down to my chin and I keep under wraps. I take invitations to the mall, yet the space around me seems so small Nevertheless, I show my teeth with a big, shiny grin And suck a trembling breath through their thin slit Happy to wear tight jeans, to stop me from an embarrassing fall. The bath hurts on my skin, but even more to protect screams from the halls My head floats in the water, but feels trapped in its walls It cracks my head open with all these secrets inside me Before a blink of an eye, to my room I’d already flee. Not to the radio playing static or streets that won’t let me be But to under the blankets, where no one can really see The struggle to be a walking, talking, breathing secret That was thrown to the ocean in a bottle, wishing to be free. However, the words untold keep coming like ever so frequent Like adrenalized filled cops in pursue of an escapee delinquent All the more, my doppelganger and I have come to an agreement To take these secrets to our grave, that we nowadays call home.

Recipe for Happiness

Start with friendship, Then add time, A dash of humor, And forgotten binds. Mix it up, Till blended well, And make sure, To remember the smell. Put that bowl, To the side, Grab a new one, Add grateful sighs. Then add family, And a smile, Then sit back, And mix awhile. To that bowl, Add a laugh, A cheerful cry, And blissful past. Whip until, There’s heavy peaks, Then pour in, What we all seek. Combine the two, Then mix it well, Spray the pan, And pour it out. Cherish the memory, The beautiful scent, Of unity, And happiness.

My mother died when I was younger so this poem is about me sitting on the lawn at night shortly after she passed away. I was imagining better times, which is why in my poem I talk about how the girl is imagining ‘walking on the moon’ and she is gripping the grass tight and trying to remember the warmth of her mothers palms.

Sitting in the blue black grass She’s walking on the moon Watching specks of silver dance To the mellow tune Her fingers gripping the grass so tight She can almost feel The warmth of her mothers palms

The winds cold fingers

The winds cold fingers Tousle with my hair Loosening the soil My sobs are carried away on the wind

I would love to share this list (credited to you) with students participating in a virtual library program on poetry. Would that be possible/acceptable? These are great!

Wow! Thank you so much for all these awesome prompts! I’ve written two poems already!

Prompt #1 AND #15, untouchable and less than 25 words. i’m lowk popping off??

Apollo Commands the sun, which squints so brightly, scorches and freckles. i want her hand on mine. searing pain fears, still i reach out, and bubble.

I looked at the word “Duct tape” And thought about it. Its not anywhere in this poem at all but it inspired it yk?

Feathers are Soft

Feathers are soft People aren’t

Plushies are soft People aren’t

Pillows are soft People aren’t

People are mean Not nice Not joyful

well my poem is only loosely based on the second prompt because I found I had too much to say about Sundays. I would love to share it with you but these comments don’t support links.

Inspired by number 55 in list of poetry suggestions. Poem to song guitar chords. —————————————————-

Carnegie Hall

D I was feeling ecstatic G when I went to the attic A and found my auld busking D guitar

D But I felt consternation G I disturbed hibernation A at first it seemed quite D bazaar

D When I blew off the dust G it smelt like old must A but t’was time to give it a D bar

D It was then I heard flapping G which sounded like clapping A my first ever round of D applause

D It stayed with the beat G while tapping my feet A I kept playing despite all my D flaws

D I took early retirement G though not a requirement A “Bad Buskers” all get D menopause

D I’m strumming the strings G and the echo it rings A but no jingling of coins as they D fall

D So I play here alone G as to what I was prone A never made it to Carnegie D Hall

D Time to call it a day G as they used to say A for no encores or no curtain D call

D There’s a butterfly G in my guitar

D There’s a butterfly G in my guitar.

Finn Mac Eoin

23rd July 2022

I love this Finn, where can we listen to your song?

Hello I wrote this in remberence of 9/11. Its now sitting in ground zero. A ordinary day to start  Same as any other Dad goes off to work again, Child goes with their mother. Vibrant busy city,  busses, cars galore Workers in the offices, from bottom to top floor. Throughout our life situations Hard times often do arise, Unfortunatly we never think of saying last goodbyes. That’s exactly what happened on September 11th 2001 A day that turned the world so cold When tragedy begun. Twin towers has exploded Co ordinate attacks, Al-Qaeda behind the planes That seemed to be hijacked. Thousands were killed instantly Some lives hang by a thread, Calls were made to loved ones Onlookers face of dread. Fears & screams while running As smoke fills up the air, News reports on live tv Helplessly they stare. On the news we hear the voices of all who are caught inside, Lying next to injured ones Or sadly ones who died. One man makes a phone call My darling wife it’s me, I’m sorry that I upset you And that we disagreed. My offices have been attacked they’re crumbling to the ground, A massive explosion hit our floor then instantly no sound. If I do not make it I’m stating from the heart, I love you darling, & in your life I’m glad to play a part. Tell the kids daddy loves them Continue well at school, Stand up for all your beliefs Don’t be taken for a fool. The wife is crying down the line Darling please don’t go, I love you darling so so much I’ve always told you so. He replied my darling im feeling really kind of weak, Breathlessly he’s coughing, he can hardly speak. If you ever need me just look up to the stars, I will hear your voices And heal up any scars. Suddenly all was quiet The wife screams down the fone, Darling can you hear me, don’t leave me here alone. The towers live on tv start to crumble to the ground, Clouds of smoke then fill the air The world in shock no sound. Crying at the images of all who has lost their lives , Mums,dad’s , Nan’s & grandads, husbands & wives. Rescue teams included and all those left behind To All who were among them,  all who did survive, All who were injured All who sadly died. Never in this lifetime that day will be the same For ground zero holds the memories Of every single name.

Those hero’s on that awful day who never thought about their life Who fought to save the innocent To keep each sole alive Those who were pulled to safety Those we lost in vein, Never be forgotten The pain will still remain We will never forget that tragedy For the days will never be the same. But may I say with all my heart In God we put our faith United we stand For eternity were safe Amen

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130+ Poetry Writing Prompts

Poetry comes in all forms, from seasonal Haiku poems to funny limericks set out to entertain the reader. Whatever type of poem you’re writing, the first struggle is normally inspiration. What do you even start writing a poem about? Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a beginner starting out, here are over 130 poetry writing prompts to help you.

This collection of poetry prompts covers everything from weather, life and even some random funny stuff like giraffes on unicycles or talking apples. 

Random Poetry Prompt Generator

Looking for more poetry inspiration? Take part in our daily poetry challenge !

Over 130 Poetry Writing Prompts

Turn that blank page into a beautiful poem of your choice with these prompts:

Use this huge list of over 130 poetry writing prompts to create your own unlimited collection of poetry. Thes best way to use this list is as daily writing exercises and soon you’ll be on the road to becoming a master of poetry and writing. Feel free to share your poems with our online writing community for feedback or in the comments below.

Poetry Writing Prompts

Marty the wizard is the master of Imagine Forest. When he's not reading a ton of books or writing some of his own tales, he loves to be surrounded by the magical creatures that live in Imagine Forest. While living in his tree house he has devoted his time to helping children around the world with their writing skills and creativity.

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creative writing exercises

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All to help you write your own stories in no time.

poetry writing ideas

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132 Best Poetry Prompts and Ideas to Spark Creativity

poetry writing ideas


Many great minds considered poetry to be the superior form of art. It transcends mortality and the transience of human life and becomes an eternal monument of people’s existence and creativity. Poetry that was written hundreds of years ago can still mesmerize, astonish, inspire, move, horrify, and elevate us.

There is an unlimited number of themes that can be used to produce great poetry. Inspiration can find its way in a myriad of ways, so this is a chance for you to get your creative juices flowing. Poetry prompts can be of great help when you are trying to find your poetic voice, or trying to step outside your comfort zone. We hope that these ten sets of themes will bring the best of your writing skills.

Ideas for poems about different types of emotions

It is no wonder that the first set is dedicated to emotions. Poetry is almost synonymous with people’s emotional footprint. These 10 prompts cover a wide range of human emotions, so dive in deep!

Ideas for poems about love

For many people love represents the meaning of life. With its so many forms, love is an eternal spring for inspiration all over the world and across generations.

Ideas for poems about life in general

Life is mysteriously beautiful, complex, difficult, and painful. You can show your appreciation for it, by writing on at least one of the following ten prompts.

Ideas for poems about death

People from every culture and generation in the world have been obsessed with understanding death and what comes after it. It brings, sadness, nostalgia, wisdom. These ten prompts can stir your imagination and inspire philosophical thought about the most mysterious concept in the world.

Ideas for poems about philosophy

People are gifted with intelligence, wisdom, and the power to think in abstract ways. People’s quest to understand the meaning of life and the world surrounding us is a fantastic basis for writing poetry.

Ideas for poems about everyday things

Sometimes the most poetic compositions are created out of the simplicity of life. These ten prompts can help you find poetry in the smallest of things around you.

Ideas for poems about time

Time, even for scientists, is one of the most interesting concepts. Its abstractness has served as an inspiration for many philosophical and literary works. The following prompts can guide you into writing poetry about different complexities of the notion of time.

Ideas for poems about different forms of art

Poetry has always been regarded as one of the most sophisticated aspects of human existence. As a form of art, it is inevitably connected to other forms of art. These ten prompts can inspire pieces that combine different artforms.

Ideas for poems about historical events

Historia est magistra vitae. Indeed, history teaches us about life. Numerous works have been written celebrating historical events, so this is your chance to use verses to do the same.

Ideas for poems about religion and spirituality

If something truly separates us humans from the other forms of life on this planet, it is spirituality. The belief in a higher power is a distinctively human quality. Delve deeper into your own beliefs and spirituality and put your religious experience into words.

Ideas for poems about family life

The family life is in the core of a healthy society. Family ties can bring you joy, sadness, love, pride, etc. Use the following prompts to express your understanding of family life.

Ideas for poems about nature and travelling

Nature is a powerful and mesmerizing force that sustains us. We are a part of nature, and nature is within all of us. These ten prompts can serve as an inspiration for you to create an homage to this planet.

Ideas for poems with supernatural elements

Human’s imagination is limitless and astonishing. Centuries ago people would come together to tell stories, often incorporating supernatural elements in their accounts. By doing so, they were able to cause catharsis. Mythologies were created because people couldn’t explain natural phenomena. The fight between personifications of good and evil have been of great interest for millions of literature lovers. Here are 12 prompts to help you get started.

poetry writing ideas

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Writing Forward

100 Poetry Prompts

by Melissa Donovan | Jan 24, 2023 | Poetry Prompts | 4 comments

poetry prompts

100 poetry prompts to motivate and inspire you.

My first love in writing was poetry. In my early teens, writing poetry was a creative and cathartic way to explore my ideas and vent my emotions. Writing poetry was accessible — all I needed was some paper and a pen. It didn’t even require a huge investment of time. I scrawled words onto the page as fast as they flew through my mind, often writing a poem in just a few minutes. It was an exhilarating and satisfying way to express myself.

In time, I learned that poetry had many benefits beyond personal expression. I found myself searching for the perfect meaning, rhyme, and meter in my word choices. I counted out syllables and contemplated line breaks. I experimented with form and structure.

It wasn’t just about dumping my thoughts and emotions onto paper anymore. Writing poetry got me thinking about language. It made me aware of writing as a craft, not just as a form of self-expression or communication.

To this day, I find that there are some aspects of writing that are best learned through the study and practice of poetry, and poetry prompts can spark an idea that inspires a poem.

After all, the blank page can be intimidating. If we establish some constraints (such as writing a particular form of poetry) or put some guidelines in place (writing about a particular topic), the blank page often becomes less overwhelming.

Did These Poetry Prompts Inspire You?

Which of these poetry prompts inspired you? Were you moved to write a poem? How often do you write poetry? Do you regularly use poetry prompts? What’s your favorite thing about writing poetry?

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, and keep writing poetry.

Yes No Wheel

I love these poetry prompts! They’re really inspiring and I’m looking forward to trying out a few of them.

Melissa Donovan

Thanks! I’m glad you love them!

V.M. Sang

Thanks for this. It’s just what I need. In December I decided to write a poem a day for a year. So far I’ve managed it;some long, some short (haiku, limericks, or just a short 4 line poem). I now have almost 60 poems! My idea is to publish them in 2 books January to June, and July to December so people can read a poem a day. I’ve written poetry since my teens, like you, but sadly, most have been lost. I wrote some more, and just before Christmas, they were released as a book. It made a change from novels.

What an exciting project: a poem a day. I like it!

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100 Best Poetry Topics | Ideas For Creative Students

poetry topics

Table of Contents

Best poetry topics, poetry topics for middle school, poetry writing prompts, slam poetry topics.

Congratulations, Shakespeare! Your search for poetry topics is over! We know all you need is a topic to show your literary prowess, and that’s what we have we brought to you, O bard! With our poetry topics ideas, be ready to take the literary world by storm. Check out our previous post to improve your poetry writing skills.

Since there are many topics to write poetry on, we shall call your attention only to the 100 most captivating poetry topics. These topics for poetry will be teaming with poetry ideas. So hang on bard, we have some interesting poetry topics for you!

There is a near-infinite variety of themes or poetry topics to write about in the literary world. Topics of poetry range from life to death, love to hate, and so on. Here are some poetry topic ideas for your next poem!

Mention the word “poetry” in class, and you’ll be amazed at the number of groans and boos you hear! Giving students the freedom to choose poetry writing topics is sure an excellent way to uplift their spirits!

Before students can write excellent poetry, they must be able to connect with the topic given. Here are some poetry topics for middle school students that most will have connections with.

So you get the gist? There are 101 topics to write poetry about that listing them all here will be pointless. You don’t need poetry topics generator to come up with a poetry topic. Just choose a topic that resonates with deep thoughts, or play – just about anything and everything! Now let’s go to the real deal – poetry prompts!

Is writing prompts for poetry essential? You may already know that we can’t always depend on random aha moments to start a poem. Sometimes, we have to initiate the chain of events leading to ultimate inspiration, hence the idea of writing prompts poetry! If one only waits to write when one feels the wind of inspiration blowing one’s face, then even a Shakespeare would not have completed a single play.

So it is not enough to stop at having good poetry topics and hoping other things will fall in place – we have to make things fall in place! The list below will include all kinds of daily poetry prompts, including poetry prompts for adults and poetry writing prompts for college students that will stimulate your brain to think at any given time of day. Online poetry prompts generator could also do the trick. Focus! It’s time to unlock the portal to inspiration!

Momentous Occasions

Here, you try to focus on a single memory. This prompt style takes you to your memories. Think of:

First Times

First times is usually hard to forget. They bring either happy or sad memories, both emotions of which can significantly enhance your writing. Think of:

Everyday Moments

The best of poems do not always come from the past or the future. They come, sometimes, from the subtle, easy-to-overlook, everyday occurrences of life. Imagine:

Nature And Space

Sometimes, thinking “outside the doors” helps you think out of the box. Write your poem outdoors in one of these views, or use your imagination! Imagine:

Wishful thinking

Food Inspirations.

There is a myriad of feelings that food could evoke. Channeling these emotions to writing a poem may help you write an excellent poem.

Unexpected Happenings

When you find an unexpected thing happens, your emotions will trigger you to fight, flee, or stay. What will you do in the following situations? Write that poem!

In slam poetry, poets perform spoken word poetry before a panel of judges and a live audience. To win this competition, one needs a topic that resonates with the audience. Spoken word poetry is poetry that is written to be performed. Contact our experts in literature to learn more. Here are some spoken word poetry topics and poetry slam topics to daze your next audience.

So far, so good! 100 poetry topics and a reader full of so many ideas! With these poetry topics list, and poetry titles ideas, you could write for days on end. Don’t forget the benefits of using a poetry prompt. Ready to write your next poem? Let’s do it!

julius caesar essay topics

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tell your stories, love your life

20 Easy Poetry Writing Prompts and Exercises

a journal, pen, and coffee

Although I mostly write fiction now, I started out writing poems. My MFA is even in poetry. I’ve taught beginning poetry workshops at university and also in some fairly unusual settings.

I know a lot of people can use ideas for poems, poetry writing prompts, and inspiration. Even if you write poetry all the time, one of these idea starters might spark your muse or take your writing in a fresh direction. And if you’re a teacher—whether you teach creative writing, English, or grade school—you might be able to adapt one of these for your class!

My favorite thing about poetry is that there aren’t any real rules about how to write a poem. When you find your creative inspiration—whether it’s love, life, or something else—you can just let the words flow. (You can always shape it up later.)

Here are some idea starters, prompts, and exercises that have worked for me before as a poet. You might want to pin or bookmark them for future reference!

20 Easy Poetry Writing Prompts and Exercises #ideas for poems #how to write a poem #classroom #creative writing #idea starters

1. Pick a song on your iPod, phone, or a playlist at random and let it influence you as you quickly write a first draft of a poem.

2. Go to a café, library, or fast food restaurant. Sit where you can see the door. Write a poem about the next person who walks in.

3. You can also do this in a public place where there are a lot of people talking: write a poem based on an overheard conversation.

4. Write a poem about a wild animal. Mary Oliver, who passed away recently and who was such a great talent and inspiration, has written many poems like this, including “The Hermit Crab,” “ The Shark ,” and “ Wild Geese .”

5. Write a poem inspired by a piece of art. (By the way, the word for a poem or literary work inspired by visual art is ekphrasis . Pretty cool, right?)

6. Write a poem with a refrain: a line or a few lines that repeat, like the chorus of a song.


7. This isn’t the easiest poetry-writing exercise…but I’ve gotten some good poems this way!

Set your alarm for two hours earlier than you usually wake up. Put a notebook and pen next to your bed. When you wake up, free-write for about fifteen minutes. (“Free-writing” means “writing down whatever pops into your head, without thinking too hard about it.”) If you woke up in the middle of a dream, use the dream as inspiration; otherwise, just write whatever comes into your head. Go back to sleep. Later, turn your free-writing into a poem.

8. Write a poem that’s an open letter to a whole group of people.

9. Write a poem that’s a set of directions or instructions.

10. Write a poem about a food. The poet Kevin Young has many examples to inspire you, including “Ode to Gumbo”:

11. Write a poem in which every line begins with the same word. You can change that in revision…or maybe you won’t want to.

12. For this one, you’ll need to either write in a notebook or journal, or on your phone. Go to a store that would be a weird place to write a poem—like a convenience store, a department store, or a drugstore—and write a quick poem.

13. Write a poem that focuses on one color. Federico García Lorca’s poem “Somnambulist Ballad,” translated from the Spanish, or Diane Wakoski’s poem “Blue Monday” might inspire you.

14. Pretend you’re a fictional character from a book, movie, or TV show. Write a poem in their voice.

15. Write an acrostic poem. The first letter of each line spells out a word vertically down the left-hand side of the page. Even for serious poets who would never try to publish an acrostic poem, this is a great exercise to get creative juices flowing.

16. lose your eyes, flip through a book, and put your finger on a page. Whatever word you’re pointing at, use it as a poem title and write that poem.

17. Write a poem late at night, by hand, by candlelight.

18. Fill a page with free-writing using your non-dominant hand. This can help you tap into less rational, more creative thought patterns.

19. Write a poem with very long lines. Walt Whitman’s collection Leaves of Grass might inspire you.

20. Write a poem saying goodbye to someone or something. It could be a happy poem, a sad poem, or both.

poetry writing ideas

I hope you enjoyed this list of creative writing exercises and poetry prompts!

Would you like some more ideas? My book 5,000 Writing Prompts has 80 more poetry-writing exercises in addition to the ones on this list, plus hundreds of master plots by fiction genre, dialogue and character prompts, and much more.

poetry writing ideas

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Do you have a method or exercise that inspires you? Let us know in the comments! I’ve said it before, but I learn so much from the comment section, and I always appreciate it. Thanks for reading, and happy writing!

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5 JOURNAL EXERCISES FOR SELF-ESTEEM #journal exercises for healing #journal prompts #journal exercises for depression #journal ideas #journal exercises for anxiety #mental health #creativity

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13 thoughts on “ 20 easy poetry writing prompts and exercises ”.

' src=

I took a class I thought was on creative writing but the instructor turned out to be a poet. She had us write a short story about a snow storm. She gave us specific things that had to be in it, like a snow shovel and various other objects. Over the next few meeting we condensed the story down until we had the basis for a poem. At the end of the semester, after we had moved on to other things, she asked me if she could submit my poem in a contest for submission in the school’s literary publication. I did not win butI I was thrilled to be nominated. I did however, have a haiku poem in that publication. At the time, I was disappointed the class was slanted more to poetry than creative writing, but what I learned there helped me win some poetry contests along my journey.

' src=

Bonnie, I love it that something that started out disappointing turned out to have a silver lining! We really do learn from all kinds of writing.

' src=

Thank you for sharing this wealth of information! I have many methods of exercise when it comes to writing. Being creative in other ventures helps my writing and helps me move past “blocks.” I will write poetry or listen to music, but I find the most helpful is being outside, in my garden or simply playing fetch with my dog and looking around at nature to inspire me.

Hi, Savannah! Being outside inspires me, too, and it’s really easy for me to forget about that. I’m so glad you brought that up!

' src=

What a wonderful list. While I don’t (can’t?) write poetry, I do enjoy reading it. I had to laugh at #18. When I write with my non-dominant (left) hand I tend to write backward. Others need a mirror to read it, but I don’t. I will be back to try out a couple of your prompts. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Jo! I think anyone can write poetry, but that doesn’t mean everyone enjoys it, of course! That’s funny about writing backwards with your left hand—I don’t think I could do that if I tried. Thanks for reading, and commenting!

' src=

Thanks, for sharing this, and I took a creative writinh class in college and even found a website that has all sorts of poetry styles, and forms with examples of each one and definitions as well. It definitely helped me with my poetry, and I also read two books on wriing poetry as well.

' src=

Thank you so much!

' src=

Hope all is well with you!

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We have too much information to share but I do not want to waste your time, we just wanna let you know that this is somehow a very wonderful opportunity for business owners to be part of.

Something amazing is waiting and this is only a tip of the iceberg, of what’s happening in the online video marketing space right now, and we’re going to talk about a lot more of this later on.

Let us know if this is something you are interested in and we can send you more information.

Janice, Vidaken Company

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How To Write Poetry

60+ poetry writing prompts, 60+ ideas for poems - comprehensive list of poem ideas and topics, are you looking for creative ideas for what to write a poem about here is a fun and interesting list of over 60 ideas and topics to write a poem about. go ahead and give one a try.

Tynea Lewis

Do you want to write a poem but need an idea to get you started?

Give one of these writing ideas a try. It's all about being creative. Don't worry if you poem seems silly. It might be just the writing exercise you need in order to spark another idea.

Poetry Writing Ideas

Planning Your Poem

Once you have an idea for your poem, it's time to begin planning it:

Sometimes you don't need to have a specific plan. Sometimes you can start writing whatever comes to your head and worry about the formatting later.

What techniques do you use to get started on a new poem? Share them with us below.



more by Tynea Lewis

Family Friend Poems on Google Play

Common Spelling And Grammar Mistakes In Poetry

Free Verse Poems

How To Write A Villanelle

How To Write An Acrostic Poem

* Indicates required fields

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Between 50 - 1000 Characters

STOP! Did you spell check your submission? Common Mistakes: the word "i" should be capitalized, "u" is not a word, and "im" is spelled "I'm" or "I am".

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50 poetry prompts every writer should try.

Everyone gets stuck in their writing from time to time. On occasion, that little bit of being stuck turns into terrifying writer’s block, and sometimes it’s just a day’s wait, a hiccup in creativity. If you have ever suffered from these, you might need a little push to get going again. The best way to get going in my writing is to start writing. Even if I can’t work on my WIP, any writing, even inspired by a prompt, is helpful. Unstick yourself before you are stuck. This short list of poetry prompts helps. I’m a poet, and I know what it’s like to be unable to come up with an idea. Sometimes you need a little push. We hope this list helps you. Here are a few or 50 prompts to kickstart your poetry.

These prompts are modeled after some famous poems. Every writer should try writing these poems. 

The Prompts:

The lost and alone. write about the feeling you had the first time you felt helpless., the love poem. start by writing a love poem that is 100% honest/a bunch of complaints. , tell the world how you like the person more because they are not perfect., the odd metaphor, write a metaphor that uses odd imagery. , image start with a famous painting and writing a poem that tells a story about the scene coming to life. , magical real, have the images in your poem attack you, the poet., short short, write a poem that talks about an ah-ha moment but has 5 lines or less., haiku write a haiku that starts with an image and ends with a lie., the lie. write a poem where the poet is lying to themself. , the go-to. go to a busy place, a coffee shop, a hotel lobby, a train station, or anywhere with lots of people, listen to their conversations, and use lines that they say as lines in your poem. , the camera. make your pen a camera, go to an exciting place, and write vivid descriptions of the site like your pen is a camera. , a recipe for disaster. write a poem about a meaningful relationship as if you are writing down a recipe for that relationship., the cat. write a poem about a cat. i don’t know why; all poets write one of these eventually. , free write, write 20 lines of poetry, doing your best not to let any of them go together or mean anything. , the first line. use the first line of your favorite poem and use it in your poem somewhere. , music inspires; find a genre of music you do not listen to often, listen to it with your eyes closed, and hear as many words as you can. then write a poem that captures the feeling you had listening to the music. , the scary. write a horror poem. , the conversation. write a poem as a letter to your favorite poet. , write a poem about the last sunset you will ever see. , the fly buzz, write a poem about the last thing you see or hear before you die. , the circus, write a poem using something from a circus as a metaphor for someone or some profession today. , the goodbye. write a poem as a goodbye to the old you., the writer. write a poem about poetry. , the place you love; write a poem about the sea, the mountains, the south, some other country, or any place you love. , the lament. use a poem as a plea for change in your life., the quiet. write a poem that you would have to whisper to someone sleeping., the tiger. write a poem about a creature, real or unreal, and you’d be afraid to meet. , the outer space. start in the stars and imagine living 100 years from now. , the copy. mimic the style of your favorite poem but make the subject matter completely different. , the call to action. take a modern-day cause and turn it into a poem that tries to convince people to take action. , the love text. write a poem of text messages. , the time traveler. write a poem to a past generation asking them not to do something terrible that they did or let happen. , the sad. write about your most heartbreaking event., the good day. use your best day as a poem. , no return address; write a poem about being in love with something (cell phone, car, a gadget) that will never love you back but imagine it loves you back in the poem. , the universal. write a poem about coffee or tea. , wrong way write a poem about a time you fought over something but ended up wrong. , the i hate. write a poem about something you hate (football, onions, hockey, people driving slowly in the fast lane), no, see. start by saying something you are afraid that anyone else to ever find out about you. , the small child. a poem about a hope being a small boy who gets beat up every day. , emotion being write about meeting your worst controlled emotion as a different person sitting at a bar. , the fight. write a poem about a fight or argument you had with someone. , the mother write a poem about how people in heaven treat your mother. , the quest. write a poem about going on a medieval quest to find the thing you are missing in your life (like job satisfaction), the ghost. write a poem about a ghost waking you up at night and wanting you to help them. , specific ending. write a poem about the zombie apocalypse. , the challenge. use a famous poetic form sestina, villanelle, sonnet., use to know. write a poem to someone you used to know well but have fallen out of touch with. ,  the monster. write a poem about a monster that is the hero. , the short stack. write a 10-word memoir poem. , flying. write a poem about flying high above the trees and looking down at your life. , about admin.

Richard Edwards is a writer and an educator and the owner editor of Every Writer. Follow him on Twitter, and check out our Submissions page .

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100 Inspiring Poetry Writing Prompts for Kids

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Regular poetry study is a wonderful way to spur a love of writing in children. Poems can be more fun to create than other types of writing, and they truly allow children’s creativity to shine through. Use these 100 poetry writing prompts for kids to inspire your budding poets as they write their own poems.

100 poetry writing prompts for kids - text overlay with two pictures of a young girl reading from a book

Why Kids Should Write Poetry

In our fast-paced world, many kids–and even their parents and teachers–may think poetry is a relic of a simpler time. They relegate it to an era that didn’t include Tik Tok, SnapChat, or Twitter (though perhaps some may consider the tweet itself a modern short poem).

In doing so, however, they miss out on a whole world of beauty and insight that poetry exposes us to. No matter the form, style, age, or tone of the poetry we read, it has the ability to transport us to other times and places, to other ways of thinking, living, and viewing the world.

Don’t we all need a little more of that these days?

Through poetry–both the reading and writing of it–we promote literacy and expand children’s ideas about how language works. When we sit with a child and explain the use of syllables, rhymes, apostrophes, capital letters, punctuation, and word choice and order that we find in poems, it opens up new doors into language which may otherwise have remained shut.

As they read and write poems, their vocabulary expands, their reading fluency increases, their spelling improves, and they learn new ways of phrasing ideas.

Emotionally, kids experience growth through poetry when they read the experiences and insights of others and realize that they are not alone. They also learn to understand and express their own feelings in ways that feel safe to them.

And on top of all that, poetry is just plain fun. Coming up with rhyming phrases and funny limericks can just be a real hoot, especially when you give kids some time and space to play with their ideas.

April is National Poetry Month. Why not use that as a time to introduce or expand poetry appreciation and writing activities in your home, homeschool, or classroom?

Types of Poems Kids Enjoy Writing

While kids enjoy reading poetry of many types (as long as it’s well-written), there are a few key forms that will be easiest for them to practice their own poetry writing skills on.

Rhyming poems

Many kids think their poems have to rhyme, and that’s not true at all. Many wonderful poems don’t rhyme or don’t know have an easily recognizable rhyme scheme. In fact, if kids feel their poems need to rhyme to be any good, they may get overwhelmed by that challenge.

On the other hand, challenging oneself to come up with good rhymes can help a young writer overcome writer’s block as they try to make their pentameter and rhyme scheme work.

In a rhyme scheme, the sound of the syllable at the end of each line is represented by a letter. For example, if the first two lines end with box and fox , the sound “ox” would be designated by the letter A, and every line that ends in the ox sound (even if it is spelled “socks” as in socks or blocks ) would also be represented by A. Each new ending syllable sound is represented by an additional letter.

Here are some popular rhyme schemes to introduce to children:

Example of a rhyming poem with rhyme scheme AABAAB:

MIX A PANCAKE Mix a pancake, Stir a pancake, Pop it in the pan; Fry the pancake, Toss the pancake— Catch it if you can. CHRISTINA G ROSETTI

A haiku is a three-line poem that describes something in nature. It typically has five syllables in the first and third lines and seven syllables in the middle line. However, if you like nerding out over stuff like this, check out this article to find out why the 5-7-5 rule for haikus is actually a myth.

No matter how many syllables you include in each of the three short lines, haiku poems work best when written with figurative language. Haikus offer a new way to have kids practice literary devices such as similes, metaphors, hyperbole, and personification. Challenge them to include at least one of these in their short poems.

Example of a haiku:

THE JUDGE UP HIGH When ice freezes stream Heron flocks to his tree branch A judge looking down SOPHIE AGBONKHESE

Acrostic poems

Acrostic poems are extremely fun for kids to write . Have them choose a title for their poem that is also the subject. For example, Bear or Christmas .

Have them write the word vertically down the margin of their page with each letter on one line.

Each line of the poem must then begin with the letter written on that line.

When read vertically, the first letter of each line should spell the title or subject of the poem.

Example of an acrostic poem:

BEAR Busting into my trash can Eating everything he can find A bear is living in my backyard Raiding like a pirate SOPHIE AGBONKHESE

Writing limericks with kids can be a hilarious undertaking, but you’ll probably have to write several together before they get the hang of it. My kids and I have had hours of fun over the years coming up with limericks.

A limerick is a witty, five-line poem with an AABBA rhyme scheme. It usually has a da-DUM da-da DUM da-da DUM rhythm.

Example of a limerick:

THERE WAS AN OLD PERSON WHOSE HABITS There was an Old Person whose habits Induced him to feed upon rabbits; When he’d eaten eighteen, He turned perfectly green, Upon which he relinquished those habits. EDWARD LEAR

Free verse poetry is a form that does not use strict rhyme and meter. It’s perfect for younger kids because it gives them the freedom to write whatever they feel like without worrying about rhyme schemes or syllables.

A popular type of free verse poem is the descriptive poem, in which the poet gives a detailed description of a person, place, animal, or inanimate object.

Example of a free verse poem:

NIGHT Stars over snow, And in the west a planet Swinging below a star– Look for a lovely thing and you will find it, It is not far– It never will be far. SARA TEASDALE

How to Use Poetry Writing Prompts to Help Kids Write Poetry

The prompt ideas in this post are broken up into two sections. The first section are prompts, or ideas for poem topics. There are fifty of these prompts, separated into five categories. 

The following section offers fifty poetry starters, or first lines, for poems. You can use these in combination with the topics if you like. 

For example, you might have kids choose a towriterduetpic AND a first line and combine them. 

Start by having kids pick out a poem topic that inspires them or choose one at random. Then have them pick a first line, or again, draw one at random. 

For an extra fun activity, you could have kids pick three cards: 

Then have them combine these three elements to create their new poem. If they are writing a type of poem with a specific type of opening line, you’ll want to make sure to only offer them options that match their selection of poem type. 

Prompts are just that: prompts. They’re here to spark ideas, not to be an end unto themselves. If they help children come up with their own poem topics and first lines, they’ve done their job.

You might also enjoy: 100 Creative Writing Prompts for Middle School

50 Topics to Write Poems About

Here are fifty poem topics to write about.

Poetry Prompts about Special Events

Write a poem about…

Poetry Prompts about Special Events - a picture of a two buys hugging and a poetry writing prompt for kids

Poetry Prompts about Everyday Things

Writing prompts about everyday things - a picture of a an alarm clock and a poetry writing prompt for kids

Nature Poetry Prompts

21. The first snowfall

22. An enchanted forest

23. A beautiful sunrise

24. Gardening

25. A spider

26. Your favorite animal

27. A river

29. Thunderstorms

30. The sun, moon, stars, or planets

Poetry Prompts about nature - a picture of a snowflake and a poetry writing prompt for kids

Write a Poem from An Unusual Perspective

Write a poem from the perspective of an inanimate object or animal, such as…

32. An article of clothing

33. A chair

35. The earth

37. A basketball

38. A spoon

40. A cell phone

Write a poem from the perspective of... - a picture of a cat and a poetry writing prompt for kids

Poetry Prompts about People

41. A grandparent

42. A parent

43. An aunt or uncle

44. A teacher

45. Your favorite author

46. Your favorite musician

47. A friend you miss

48. An important historical figure

49. Someone you look up to

50. Yourself

You might also enjoy: How to Use Story Starters to Get Kids Writing

Poetry Prompts about People - a picture of a child and her grandparents and a poetry writing prompt for kids

50 Poetry Starters for Kids

For some kids, seeing a list of topics to write poems about will be enough inspiration. Others might need a bit more encouragement.

Poetry starters are a great way to get the creative juices flowing. They offer a suggested first line for a poem so kids can jump right in. 

Remember, the point isn’t to stick to a rigorous set of rules, but to inspire kids to develop an interest in poetry. So, if your kids pick a prompt and then decide to go in another direction, embrace that! 

Note: some of the starters contain blank spaces. This is to allow for maximum flexibility in allowing the child to make the starter truly their own. If they can’t come up with anything, feel free to make some suggestions.

Haiku Poem Starters

Write a haiku using one of these first lines…

51. Bees buzz about flowers

52. Today, my heart leaps

53. What is ______? I asked

54. Snow slips down softly

55. Silvery sweet sound

56. Jump! And again: jump!

57. Through the trees, I go

58. Listen, hear her speak

59. Larger than a whale

60. Smaller than a mouse

Haiku Poetry Starters - a picture of a bee on a flower and a poetry writing prompt for kids

Limerick Poem Starters

Write a limerick using one of these first lines…

61. I woke up one morning with joy

62. It was quite a big day for me

63. It was the most embarrassing story

64. There once was a wise man who told me

65. If there’s one thing I can’t understand

66. What is that strange sound? I inquired

67. Most people forget I’m around

68. Did anyone ask what I thought?

69. The woman leaned down and said, “Here,

70. Let me tell you a story ‘bout how

Love writing prompts? Check out: The Big Book of Writing Prompts for Kids

Limerick Poetry Starters - a picture of a child and a poetry writing prompt for kids

Funny Poem Starters

Write a silly poem using one of these first lines…

71. What is a ____(noun) to do? 

When ____(pronoun) head is stuck in a shoe?

72. Oh, it might not have been quite so bad, 

If it weren’t for my ____(adjective) dad.

73. Have you ever stuck your finger 

too far up your nose?

74. Consider, I implore you, 

what it’s like to be me

75. When spying, one must  

Tiptoe with great care

76. Whatever you’re doing, drop it right now

Listen closely, I’ll make you say, “Wow!”

77. I met a funny little man

As I walked along one day

78. It’s not my favorite thing to do

I’d rather eat broccoli or step in glue

79. What do you do when you haven’t got a clue?

Where do you go when you see a crow?

80. If I found a hundred dollars, here’s what I would do

I’d grab my _____(noun), and my _____(noun), and my _____(noun) too.

Funny Poetry Starters - a picture of money on the ground and a poetry writing prompt for kids

Rhyming Couplet Poetry Starters

Write a poem with A/B rhyme scheme using one of these first lines…

81. What do you see when you climb a tree?

Is there anywhere greater in the world to be?

82. Softly she sleeps, in midday sun.

Her afternoon nap, no time for fun

83. This story is strange, as soon you will see,

the weirdest thing, ever happened to me

84. In the spring, a flower grows.

One day it may become a rose.

85. As she pushed me on the tire swing,

my mother told me the most interesting thing.

86. Raise my binoculars up to my eyes,

zoom in on a figure, oh! What a surprise!

87. Whenever I sing a silly song,

whenever I daydream for too long, 

88. I have this thing you have to see,

the latest, greatest technology.

89. Within the wrapping paper, brown,

the smallest gift I’ve ever found.

90. Creeping along the ground so slow,

onward, upward, off he goes.

Rhyming Poetry Starters - a picture of a child in a tree and a poetry writing prompt for kids

Free Verse Poetry Starters

Go in whatever direction you want with these free verse poem starters…

91. If I could do anything, here’s what I’d do…

92. Come see what I found, look real close…

93. Three things in this world, I can’t live without…

94. When winter snow begins to fade…

96. Look at the stars and name them all…

96. I found a ____ (noun) I thought I’d lost…

97. Whisper, whisper, tell me your story…

98. I dreamed a dream the other night…

99. At night, past my window, a tall ship sailed…

100. The greatest treasure you can find…

Free verse Poetry Starters - a picture of a child writing and thinking and a poetry writing prompt for kids

I hope you enjoy these poetry writing prompts for kids. 

If you’d like an easy way to use them in your homeschool or classroom, enter your email below to receive a set of printable cards.

And don’t forget to check out all our other writing prompts and resources.

I hope that these poem ideas have inspired you to write some poetry with your children or students.

Leave a comment below and let me know which poetry writing prompts for kids you enjoyed the most (or share a poem!) and don’t forget to save this post to Facebook or Pinterest so you can find it later. 

poetry writing ideas

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poetry writing ideas

Elementary Assessments

Elementary Assessments

50+ Great Poetry Writing Prompts

To get students’ creative juices flowing, use some fun poetry writing prompts. 

Generally speaking, students are accustomed to being assigned standard writing prompts that focus on one of the core writing genres. 

However, the poetry genre is oftentimes left for the end of the school year (usually during National Poetry Month) or only incorporated during special events.

But why not enjoy poetry on a regular basis using poetry writing prompts?

Students will be able to practice their poetry writing skills throughout the school year instead of through isolated activities. 

Here you will find a variety of fun poetry writing prompts that will help you do just that. 

These interesting prompts will help students apply poetry skills, tap into their creativity, and think outside the box. 

These poetry writing prompts are especially great for those students who may not be as strong academically when it comes to conventional writing rules yet thrive in a creative environment since writing rules are more relaxed. 

So include these poetry writing prompts in your collection of writing activities. 

Poetry Writing Prompts

1. Write a poem that introduces you as a person. It doesn’t have to rhyme.

2. Use an acrostic format to spell out your favorite animal, and list what you like about them.

3. Write a haiku about your favorite sport.

4. Use rhyming couplets to write a poem about happiness.

5. Write a poem about your favorite season.

6. Create a poem where nearly every word begins with the letter “A.”

7. Write a poem about feeling lonely. It should flow, but it doesn’t have to rhyme.

8. Compose a poem from the point of view of your pet.

9. Write a humorous poem from the point of view of your kitchen sink.

10. Listen to your favorite song, and construct a poem about the images it conjures up.

11. Write a poem about your favorite meal and the memories you associate with it.

12. Compose a poem set in your most recent dream.

13. Use at least three onomatopoeias to write an adventure-packed poem.

14. Draft a poem about your role model.

15. Write a poem detailing what you want to be when you grow up.

16. Construct a witch’s spell.

17. Make up a poem about someone saving the world.

18. Write a poem about the sights you see on the way to school.

19. Consider how it feels when someone says something mean, and write a poem about it.

20. Use alliteration at least five times to write a poem about all your favorite things.

poetry writing prompts

21. Write a descriptive poem about what it feels like to fall asleep.

22. Think about the last conversation you had, and write a poem about it.

23. Write a poem about a clear night sky.

24. Think about a time you felt really safe. Write a poem about the atmosphere and feeling.

25. Compose a poem from the point of view of an elephant in a zoo.

26. Write a poem about being underwater.

27. Draft a poem about flying through a rainforest.

28. Write a poem about driving in a futuristic car.

29. Create a poem about the last movie you watched.

30. List 10 words associated with school. Then compose a poem that includes the words.

31. Use figurative language to describe something beautiful.

32. Write a combination of similes and metaphors to describe a snowman.

33. S.N.O.W.M.A.N – Create an acrostic poem using the word snowman. 

34. Compose a poem about a cat superhero.

35.  Write a poem to your mom telling how much you appreciate her.

36.  Compose a poem about your favorite food.

37.  Write a poem about a sunny day.

38.  Draft a poem that highlights your uniqueness.

39.  Write a greeting card message that’s a friendly poem.

40.  What’s your favorite type of poem and why?

41.  Draft to haiku about friendship.

42.  Write a poem about a mermaid.

43.  Make a list of 8 words related to your favorite season. Now write a poem about it.

44.  Write a poem of similes.

45.  Explain how poems are different from picture books.

46.  Write a poem that only has 8 syllables in each line.

47.  Compose a poem about your state.

48.  Write a poem from the perspective of a lamp.

49.  Compose a poem about a coin.

50.  Interpret your favorite poem.

51.  Write a poem to a letter of the alphabet.

52. Write a poem about your pet our favorite animal.

53.  Compose a poem that celebrates your hair.

54.  Write a poem about the ocean.

55.  Write a poem that thinks the custodial staff.

56. Utilize at least three onomatopoeias to write an adventure-packed poem.

Final Thoughts: Poetry Writing Prompts

Now you have a fun collection of poetry writing prompts to use during writer’s workshop.

Students will enjoy thinking outside the box!

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But with all that freedom, you may end up with choice paralysis, a common cause of writer’s block (er… poet’s block?).

So to help you get started, we’re giving you 50 poetry prompts that should offer you some direction so you can win the battle against the blank page.

Poetry Prompts

Here are 50 poetry prompts you can use as inspiration to start writing your next poem. Note that you can modify any of these as you see fit, and each one is open for your creative interoperation.

(For example, if a prompts says “Write a poem about the color blue,” you can write a poem about how much you love or hate the color blue, or about a pair of blue eyes, or the ocean, etc.)

1. Write a poem based on a recent dream you’ve had.

2. Write about whatever you see outside your window right now.

3. Write about a color without naming the color in the poem.

4. Write a poem about a country you’ve never been to but would like to visit one day.

5. Write about your childhood best friend.

6. Write a poem to your younger self.

7. Imagine your life five years from now.

8. Compose a haiku without using the letter ‘e.’

9. Write a poem with no adverbs or adjectives.

10. Write a poem using only 3-letter words.

11. Write a sonnet .

12. Write about the last time you cried.

13. Write about something you’ve lost.

14. Recall a time you were truly afraid.

15. Remember a time you showed courage.

16. Write a poem about the politics in your country.

17. Write about someone from history who inspires you.

18. Look at today’s newspaper. Write a poem about one of the front-page headlines.

19. Write an acrostic poem (the first letters of each line spell out a word).

20. Write a poem about an everyday moment—your commute, morning routine, walking your dog, etc.

21. Write about a time your illusions were shattered.

22. Write a poem from the point of view of an animal.

23. Write from the point of view of the opposite sex.

24. Write a poem about a storm.

25. Write about the dawn.

26. Write about temptation.

27. Write a poem about betrayal.

28. Write a poem about faith.

29. Build a poem around an extended metaphor .

30. Write a blackout poem.

31. Write a poem about flying.

32. Write about your favorite holiday.

33. Write a poem about an airport.

34. Include at least four instances of repetition in your poem.

35. Write a poem about a stranger you encountered today or recently.

36. Write a poem about bells ringing.

37. Write about waiting.

38. Write about the moon.

39. Write a poem about your first heartbreak.

40. Describe your perfect day in a poem.

41. Include a line from your favorite song in your poem.

42. Write about an object that holds sentimental value for you.

43. Write about one of your earliest memories from childhood.

44. Write a poem about your favorite beverage.

45. Write a poem about a house.

46. Write a poem that starts with the first line of your favorite movie.

47. Write a poem that incorporates the color blue.

48. Write about your favorite artist or work of art.

49. Write a poem about injustice.

50. Write about gratitude.

Poetry prompts can be a great way to jumpstart your creativity and help you dive in to writing a poem.

For more poetry tips, check out our posts on how to write a poem , as well as the different types of poems , which can help you give structure to your work.

Do you have any ideas for poetry prompts? Share them with us in the comments below!

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As a blog writer for TCK Publishing, Kaelyn loves crafting fun and helpful content for writers, readers, and creative minds alike. She has a degree in International Affairs with a minor in Italian Studies, but her true passion has always been writing. Working remotely allows her to do even more of the things she loves, like traveling, cooking, and spending time with her family.

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Poetry writing prompts — week twelve, writing prompts for march 19th to 25th.

W elcome to Week Twelve of our 2023 Writing Prompt Journey !

We have three new prompts awaiting you, and two words/concepts for each that you can try to include in your poems (if you crave a challenge).

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poetry writing ideas

Inspiration Awaits: 51+ Poetry Writing Prompts

One of the most exciting ways to explore your creative potential is by leveraging poetry prompts.

Challenge yourself to work your way down this list and tackle a poem every week, and If you are feeling generous, you may post some of your work down in the comments section below or check out our poetry community .

51+ Poetry Writing Prompts

Why do we need poetry prompts, when should i write on a poetry prompt.

Anytime! Whether it’s for a school project, work or personal development, these ideas are simply there to get you back to doing what you love the most, and that’s writing. 

Which poetry prompt should I choose?

Where can i submit or publish my poetry.

We all have different reasons for writing poetry. For some, writing is personal and therapeutic for the soul. For others, writing is a creative itch that they cannot afford not to scratch. Some people are full-time writers, and therefore they must stay on top of their craft which provides food on their table. 

If you are looking to get paid for your writing, I will discuss the different avenues to explore in a future article but if you are just starting or you have been secretly writing for yourself here are a few ways to get your poetry seen:

Social media:

Facebook and instagram business pages:.

Once you are ready to get a little serious, consider starting a Facebook or Instagram business page- a great way to show your readers that you are prepared to take your writing more seriously.

Starter Blogs:

Feel free to let me know what tutorials you would like to see in the future, and I would be thrilled to break them down for you.

With over 50 prompts to choose from, you’re sure to find one that resonates with you. So grab your pen and paper and start writing! Remember, there are no rules in poetry writing, so let your imagination run wild. Don’t be afraid to take risks and experiment with new forms and styles. Happy writing!

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Pick Me Up Poetry

Try grammarly free, you might also like:, poetry of the gods: 15+ interesting poems about deities ​, broken but strong: 11+ top poems about heart failure, ink-stained memories: 7+ best poems about ink, making memories: 11+ best poems about good times, browse by category, select from our entire catalogue of poetry collections:, top articles, 57+ websites that will pay for your poetry in 2023, from homer to hip hop: a brief history of poetry​ (5000bc- present), what is slam poetry: a beginners guide, click the dropdown below to select from our entire catalogue of poetry collections., popular poetry collections, the mind-body connection: 7+ poems about health and wellness, the power of words: 5+ powerful poems about emotional abuse, beneath the surface: 7+ challenging poems about drug abuse, sisters in solidarity: 13+ interesting poems about feminism.


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Choose a title from our Book Title Generator. Write a poem inspired by that title.

poetry writing ideas

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poetry writing ideas

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The best poetry writing prompts

Poetry is one of the oldest art forms in history, stretching back to the times when poems were sung and chanted as hymns around a bonfire, but even the greats back then had some help. While a poet of yore had to turn to technology-less sources in their life to find inspiration — music, friends, places, nature, even memories— these days you can simply go online to get the poetry writing prompts you might need to spark poem ideas.

Whether you’re looking to connect with your feelings on the page, understand your perspective on an event, or explore a past experience through the lens of words, poetry writing prompts are a great way to sharpen your writing skills and hone your relationship with language. We hope that these creative writing exercises can assist you in channeling those emotions and help you on your journey as a poet!

To get you started, here are our top ten poetry writing prompts:

If you're looking for some more help writing a poem, check out this free resource:

Want to expand beyond poetry and learn how to write a short story? Check out How to Write a Short Story That Gets Published — a free, ten day course guiding you through the process of short story writing by Laura Mae Isaacman, a full-time editor who runs a book editing company in Brooklyn.

Ready to start writing? Check out Reedsy’s weekly  short story contest , for the chance of winning $250! You can also check out our list of  writing contests  or our directory of  literary magazines  for more opportunities to submit your story.

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poetry writing ideas

Poetry Writing Lessons for Kids

Poetry Writing Lessons for Kids

There are many different ways to write poems as well as lots of techniques you can learn to help you improve your writing skill. Here are many of the poetry writing lessons for children that I have created to help you become a better poet, including how to write funny poetry, poetic rhythm, poetic forms and other styles of verse, as well as lesson plans for teachers and video lessons.

How to Write Funny Poetry

Rhythm in Poetry

Poetic Forms

A poetic “form” is a set of rules for writing a certain type of poem. These rules can include the number of lines or syllables the poem should have, the placement of rhymes, and so on. Here are lessons for writing several common poetic forms.

Other Poetic Styles

There are many different styles of poems. These are not “poetic forms” because they don’t usually have firm rules about length, syllable counts, etc., but they are common enough that many well-known children’s poets have written poems like these.

Reciting Poetry

Other Poetry Writing Lessons

Poetry Lesson Plans for Teachers

Video Poetry Lessons

Poetry Dictionaries and Rhyming Words Lists

When reading these lessons, you may come across some unfamiliar words. If you see a poetic term and don’t know what it means, you can always look it up in the Poetic Terms Dictionary. Poetry4kids also has a rhyming dictionary and a list of rhyming words you can use to help you write poems.

Rhyming Dictionary for Kids

Other Useful Poetry-Writing Lessons

There are loads of websites on the Internet that offer helpful lessons for children on how to write poems. Here are a few you may find useful:

Get Poems by Email

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[TT] Theme Thursday Poetry Week - (Lock and) Key

poetry writing ideas

This week is very special! It’s POETRY week!!! Not only that, but we’ve got a special challenge for y’all this week, so make sure to read the bonus constraints below! Please note that only poems will be accepted this week. Good words, everyone!

Please make sure you are aware of the ranking rules. They’re listed in the post below and in a linked wiki. The challenge is included every week! Also, try out the new genre tags!

[IP] | [MP]

New! Bonus: (25 pts) Write a related or answering poem on Poetry Corner (20 pts) and use the Word of the Day in your story (5 pts).

Word of the Day:

giving or intended as a remedy or cure.
concerned with the correction of faulty study habits and the raising of a pupil's general competence.

Use the tag [TT] when submitting prompts that match this week’s theme.

Theme Thursday Rules

Leave one poem between 100 and 500 words as a top-level comment. Use to check your word count.

Deadline: 11:59 PM CST next Tuesday

No serials or stories that have been written for another prompt or feature here on WP

No previously written content

Any stories not meeting these rules will be disqualified from rankings and will not be read at campfires

Does your story not fit the Theme Thursday rules? You can post your story as a [PI] with your work when the TT post is 3 days old!

Theme Thursday Discussion Section:

Discuss your thoughts on this week’s theme, or share your ideas for upcoming themes.

On Wednesdays we host two Theme Thursday Campfires on the Discord main voice lounge. Join us to read your story aloud, hear other stories, and have a blast discussing writing!

Time : I’ll be there 7 pm CST and we’ll begin within about 15 minutes.

Don’t worry about being late, just join! Don’t forget to sign up for a campfire slot on discord . If you don’t sign up, you won’t be put into the pre-set order and we can’t accommodate any time constraints. We don’t want you to miss out on outstanding feedback, so get to discord and use that !TT command!

There’s a Theme Thursday role on the Discord server, so make sure you grab that so you’re notified of all Theme Thursday-related news!

As a reminder to all of you writing for Theme Thursday: the interpretation is completely up to you! I love to share my thoughts on what the theme makes me think of but you are by no means bound to these ideas! I love when writers step outside their comfort zones or think outside the box, so take all my thoughts with a grain of salt if you had something entirely different in mind.

(This week’s quote by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women)

Grammar & Punctuation - Up to 10 points for spell checking

Weekly Challenge - 25 points for not using the theme word - points off for uses of synonyms. The point of this is to exercise setting a scene, description, and characters without leaning on the definition. Not meeting the spirit of this challenge only hurts you!

Actionable Feedback - 15 points for each story you give crit to, up to 30 points

Nominations - 10 points for each nomination your story receives, no cap; 5 points for submitting nominations

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Theme Thursday Discussion :

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Please remember to follow the subreddit rules in any feedback.

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Oh goddess of love, on my knees I plead Can you not hear her calling? Feel her need? Every call that I hear makes my heart bleed I beg you take me to her with great speed

Without her I feel naught but pain in my heart Remedial action is what I need from your part We are not together and this pain is not art Return me to her and worship you I'll start

Aphrodite I beg you, handle her with care Take me back to my love with the raven hair Her green eyes to me more important than air If you're jealous of me, with you I will share

Why punish her for any sins I've transgressed? Is it to me or to her you aim this test? Then cast me out and let her the one be blessed Lest our separation rip the heart from her chest

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127 Creative And Fun Poetry Writing Prompts

Whether you’re writing a poem for your own collection or a significant other, you’re here with one question in mind: “How do I get ideas to write a poem?”

This isn’t some random, “Let’s get this over with” assignment, after all. You want this poem to be worth writing — and worth sharing. 

You need the kind of poetry inspiration to help you take your thoughts, memories, and experiences and turn them into something beautiful and memorable. 

Fun should be as much a part of the process as feeling.

You’ll find both in this list of 127 poetry prompts. 

127 Creative and Fun Poetry Writing Prompts 

Make a note of your favorites as you go through this list of poetry prompts . Some will stand out more than others, thanks to your unique perspective and experiences. Jot down some ideas as you go along, and enjoy creating a list of your own to play with. 

1. Childhood Home. Describe a particular home you remember from your childhood. 

2. Growing Pains. Describe a uniquely painful time of transition. 

3. Haiku Challenge. Write a haiku (7 syllables, 5 syllables, 7 syllables) about the perfect morning or evening. 

4. The End of Something. Describe an end to a relationship, a job, or something else you remember with regret or satisfaction. 

5. Social Misfit. Describe a moment where you felt like the odd one out. 

6. Street Signs. Write about a street sign that stood out for you. 

7. Statistics. Write about a statistic that surprises you or has personal meaning. 

8. Bug’s Eye View. Write from the perspective of an insect at a busy park. 

9. Ghostwriter. You wake up to short notes written by a diseased former resident.

10. Insta-ration. Go to a friend’s Instagram and write about a post that stands out. 

man and woman discussing book poetry writing prompts

11. Grandma’s House. Write about your grandmother’s house (or how you imagine it).

12. Ice Cold. Write about the sensation of drinking (or wearing) something cold. 

13. Beach Walk. Write about a solitary walk on the beach and what you see and hear.

14. Curio . Write about a souvenir you keep visible and what it means for you. 

15. How’s the weather? Describe today’s weather and how it’s affecting you. 

16. Neighbors. Describe one of your neighbors in a poetic snapshot. 

17. First Crush. Describe the first crush you ever had and what it taught you. 

18. First Friend. Describe the first real friend you made and the difference they made. 

19. Radio. Turn the radio on and write about a song that makes you stop to listen.

20. Fangirl. Describe a favorite character or celebrity crush from a favorite series. 

21. How To . Describe a daily process most people rush through or do without thinking. 

22. Under 21. Write a poem of fewer than 21 words about whatever comes to mind. 

23. Far From Home. Write about your imaginary home planet (not Earth). 

24. A Reality Apart. Write about a separate reality you came from and how it differs. 

25. Check Your Privilege . Describe an unearned privilege you enjoy that some do not.

26. Prejudice . Describe what you feel when someone treats you as less than human.

27. Chameleon. Describe a time you changed your persona to fit and how it went.

28. Face to Face. Describe a time you came face to face with a nemesis or mentor. 

29. Complete . Describe the feeling of finishing a labor of love (or an arduous project).

30. Uncertainty. Describe a moment when you struggled to make a decision. 

31. Tea & Sympathy. Describe a difficult time when someone was there for you. 

32. The Elements. Describe the four elements and what each represents to you. 

33. Written in the Stars. Describe your daily horoscope or your birth chart. 

34. Creature Comforts. Describe something that helps you feel calm and comforted. 

35. Wandering. Describe a time when you wandered off and got lost. 

36. Phobias. Describe a phobia you have and what you would do without it. 

37. Homecoming. Describe a return to a place that once felt like home. 

38. Hobbies. Describe a favorite hobby and what you love about it. 

39. Compare and Contrast two very different people you know. 

40. Storytime. Describe a time when someone told you a story that stayed with you. 

41. I’d rather… Describe something you don’t want to do and what you’d rather do. 

42. Numb. Describe a time when part or all of you felt numb and what it was like.

43. Dreaded Sound. Describe a sound you’ve come to associate with danger or dread.

44. Anticipation. Describe what you feel when you’re waiting for something. 

45. Mistaken Identity. Describe someone you mistook for someone you know. 

46. Circus Performer. Describe an experience as the circus performer of your choice. 

47. Knowing By Touch. Describe a strange feeling you got from touching an object. 

48. Off the (Spice) Rack. Compare a spice to something or someone in your life. 

49. Unexpected Test. Describe a test you weren’t prepared for and how you did.

50. Mad Scientist. Describe a real or imagined experiment gone horribly wrong.

51. Doppelganger. Describe an imaginary look-alike who shows up and complicates your life. 

52. DIY Repairs. Describe something of yours that’s broken and how you might fix it.

53. Amateur Sleuth. Someone you know is dead, and you’re reviewing the suspects.

54. Political News. Write an opinion letter in poem form (rhyming or not).

55. What’s In A Name. Include words for each letter in your name in a poem. 

56. Scentsation. Write about memories or thoughts evoked by a scent. 

57. Waiting Alone. Write about a moment spent waiting for someone to show up. 

poetry on paper poetry writing prompts

58. Make a List. Describe an unusual list (grocery, to-do, etc.) you made or received.

59. White Elephants. Describe an unwanted or useless gift you received. 

60. Recipe. Write a recipe in the form of a poem (rhyming or not). 

61. After Party. Describe a party scene after all the guests have left. 

62. Stranger Than Fiction. Write about an incident that struck you as bizarre. 

63. Drive-through. Describe a memorable experience with a fast-food restaurant.

64. Unemployed. Describe the feeling of being laid off or fired from a job. 

65. Hired. Describe the feeling of being hired for the job you know you’ll love. 

66. Box of Memories. Describe a sealed box (and its contents) from your parents’ attic. 

67. Trapped. Describe an experience that made you feel pinned down or trapped. 

68. Inner Voice. Describe a time when your inner wisdom led you to a better choice.

69. Medical Advice. Describe a piece of advice you received from a doctor or nurse.

70. Unplanned. Describe an unexpected gift and/or challenge that changed your life. 

71. Ode to a First Car. Write an ode to the first car you ever owned or drove. 

72. Queen. Write a poem from the perspective of a queen (#BornLikeThis). 

73. From the First Taste. Describe a first taste experience that was a revelation to you.

74. First Pet. Describe your first pet or the closest thing you’ve ever had to a pet.

75. Near Miss. Describe a moment when you nearly missed your target and how it felt.

More Related Articles:

67 Thrilling And Chilling Mystery Writing Prompts

11 Of The Best Writing Prompts Books

108 Engaging And Creative Nonfiction Writing Prompts

76. Candlelight Memories. Describe a pleasant memory involving candles. 

77. “Does This Spark Joy?” Write a poem about decluttering your inner or outer life . 

78. Sarcasm . Write a sarcastic poem to drive a particular point home. 

79. “You’re Wrong.” Describe a moment when you spoke up in defense of the truth. 

80. Don’t cry. Write a poem about a moment when you did your utmost not to cry.

81. Silver Linings . Write about the good you can see in something terrible. 

82. You got this! Write a poem to build up someone’s confidence. 

83. Jingle Bells. Write a poem involving a bell or chime and what it meant for you. 

84. Best Wishes, Warmest Regards. Write about a fond farewell or welcome back.

85. Because Reasons. Write a poem about the reasons you might have for strange behavior.

86. Jello Shots. Write about something regrettable you did under the influence. 

87. Losing It. Describe a moment when you felt you were losing your mind. 

88. What a Ride! Write about a carnival ride you enjoyed or regretted more than you anticipated.

89. No, Virginia … Describe how you felt when someone crushed a childhood belief. 

90. Lost Opportunity. Describe a moment when you had to say no to something that lit you up inside. 

91. New Opportunity. Describe a moment when you said yes to an opportunity with a cost. 

92. All or Nothing. Write a poem about black-and-white thinking. 

93. Catastrophizing. Write a poem where you imagine things going from bad to worse.

woman sitting on floor reading a book poetry writing prompts

94. Paranoia. Write about a suspicion you had that others dismissed as paranoia. 

95. Spirit Animal. Write about your spirit animal and what you have in common. 

96. Memento. Write about a special memento, where you got it, and what it means to you. 

97. Pants on Fire. Write about a lie someone told you and how you learned the truth.

98. Procrastination . Write about an especially costly example of procrastination. 

99. Sleepless. Write a poem about a sleepless night, and what kept you awake. 

100. I Quit! Write about a job you quit or wanted to quit and why. 

101. I Surrender. Write a moment of surrender to someone or something. 

102. You’ve Changed! Write about someone who changed — and not in a good way.

103. Numbers. Write about a number or numbers that have special meaning for you. 

104. The Good Place. Write about your vision of the afterlife — or life between lives.

105. Shelter. Write about a person or place that gave you shelter from a storm. 

106. Cafeteria. Write about a memorable experience in a school or hospital cafeteria.

107. Dusty Instruments. Write about a musician who hasn’t touched their instrument in years (and why). 

108. Betrayal. Write a poem about someone who betrayed your trust. 

109. Ladder to the Sky. Write about an imaginary ladder you take through the clouds. 

110. Dear Reader. Write a letter in poem form to your future readers. 

111. Synchronicity. Describe a meaningful coincidence and any feelings connected to it.

112. Catch the Baby. Describe childbirth in a poem. 

113. Burning at Both Ends. Write a poem about burnout. 

114. What is your quest? Write a poem about a bridge or crossroads in your life? 

115. Your mother was a hamster… Write a poem about a devastating insult. 

116. Everything is Awesome. Write a poem about relentless optimism. 

117. Bad News. Write a poem about a diagnosis that changed your plans. 

118. Bad Ending. Write about a disappointing end to a story you were enjoying. 

119. Innocuous. Write about something “harmless” that does tremendous harm. 

120. Stuck in Traffic. Write about something you witnessed or experienced while stuck in traffic. 

121. Self-Discovery. Write a poem about learning something surprising about yourself.

122. Outdoorsy. Write a poem about your first experience of camping or hiking. 

123. First Heartbreak. Write a poem about the first time someone broke your heart.

woman writing outside poetry writing prompts

124. First Credit Card Debt. Write about the moment you became a debtor. 

125. Hidden Self. Write about something you’ve kept hidden from most, if not everyone.

126. First Enemy. Write about the moment you realized someone disliked you for you. 

127. Discovering Poetry. Write a poem about the poet who made you love poetry. 

Are you ready to use these poetry writing prompts?

Now that you’ve looked through this list of poem topics, which ones stood out for you?

Make your own shorter list of ideas and keep it handy for inspiration. You could even start a poetry journal and make the first page your list of favorite poetry prompts. 

Whatever gets you writing at least a few lines of poetry every day will help you develop your skills. Imagine holding a book of published poetry with your name on it! 

Until then, practice getting those thoughts onto the page. Who knows where they’ll lead?

You need the kind of poetry inspiration to help you take your thoughts, memories, and experiences and turn them into something beautiful and memorable. Fun should be as much a part of the process as feeling. You’ll find both in this list of 127 poetry prompts.

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    1.The Untouchable: Something that will always be out of reach 2. 7 Days, 7 Lines: Write a poem where each line/sentence is about each day of last week 3. Grandma's Kitchen: Focus on a single memory, or describe what you might imagine the typical grandmother's kitchen to be like 4. Taste the Rainbow: What does your favorite color taste like? 5.

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    Write a descriptive poem, choosing a simple subject or scene. The idea is to write a poem that feels like a picture. Cut and paste. Grab some old magazines, pamphlets, and junk mail and cut out the most interesting words and phrases, and then tape or paste them together to make a poem. Get personal.

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    Poetry Writing Ideas. Following you will find a variety of ideas for poems that encourage creative writing. 1. Write a poem about the past, present, and future. 2. Write a poem about the daytime. 3. Write a poem about curiosity. 4. Use the following words in a poem: emotion, red, anger, calm, peace. 5. Write a poem from the perspective of a ...

  4. 130+ Poetry Writing Prompts

    Over 130 Poetry Writing Prompts Turn that blank page into a beautiful poem of your choice with these prompts: Pick any object in your room. Now write a poem describing this object. Look outside your window. Look at the sky - How do you feel when you look at the sky? Struggling to sleep? Find a paper and pen and write down your feelings.

  5. 132 Best Poetry Prompts and Ideas to Spark Creativity

    Write poetry about a bright time in your life when you felt that every new day offered a new chance to become better, happier, and more successful. Ideas for poems about love For many people love represents the meaning of life. With its so many forms, love is an eternal spring for inspiration all over the world and across generations.

  6. 100 Poetry Prompts

    Write a poem about an ordinary day. Write a poem that includes at least three instances of alliteration, including one each of assonance and consonance. Use the following words in a poem: buckle, bend, kick, pot, shift. Write a poem about the following image: an empty raft floating down a river.

  7. Need Poetry Topics? Top 100 Creative Writing Ideas

    Here are some poetry topic ideas for your next poem! Love and Hatred Night-time Growing old War and Peace Death and Ghosts Jealousy Reflections of Light Perfection Weddings Birth and Death Poverty and Abundance Fear and Courage Strength and Weakness Betrayal and Guilt Daydreaming and Reality Intimacy and Privacy Family and Loneliness

  8. 20 Easy Poetry Writing Prompts and Exercises

    1. Pick a song on your iPod, phone, or a playlist at random and let it influence you as you quickly write a first draft of a poem. 2. Go to a café, library, or fast food restaurant. Sit where you can see the door. Write a poem about the next person who walks in. 3.

  9. 60+ Poetry Writing Prompts

    Poetry Writing Ideas Describe your favorite childhood memory. Pick a color and use your senses to describe it. Write an acrostic about your favorite holiday. Write a limerick. Write a poem about a family member. Write a poem about a dream. Write a poem about weather (rain, snow, wind, sun, etc.). Write a poem that includes your five senses.

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    Write a poem every single day of the year with Robert Lee Brewer's Poem-a-Day: 365 Poetry Writing Prompts for a Year of Poeming. After sharing more than a thousand prompts and prompting thousands of poems for more than a decade, Brewer picked 365 of his favorite poetry prompts here. Click to continue. *****

  11. 125 Of The Best Poetry Writing Prompts For Poets

    Momentous Occasions. These poetry writing prompts focus on life's big events—moments that are often emotionally charged and teeming with opportunity for poetic expression. Spend some time...

  12. Poetry Prompts to Spark Your Imagination

    List of Poetry Prompts Write a poem about blue sand and red crabs. Write a poem about soup taste like happiness. Write a poem about someone sad. Use the words despair and summer. Write a poem about a woman who works at Barnes & Noble. Write a poem about a scientific wonder. There's probably Breaking News on CNN right now. Create a poem about it.

  13. 50 Poetry Prompts Every Writer Should Try

    Write a poem as a letter to your favorite poet. Write a poem about the last sunset you will ever see. The fly buzz, write a poem about the last thing you see or hear before you die. The Circus, write a poem using something from a circus as a metaphor for someone or some profession today. The goodbye. Write a poem as a goodbye to the old you.

  14. 100 Inspiring Poetry Writing Prompts for Kids

    98. I dreamed a dream the other night…. 99. At night, past my window, a tall ship sailed…. 100. The greatest treasure you can find…. I hope you enjoy these poetry writing prompts for kids. If you'd like an easy way to use them in your homeschool or classroom, enter your email below to receive a set of printable cards.

  15. 50+ Great Poetry Writing Prompts

    17. Make up a poem about someone saving the world. 18. Write a poem about the sights you see on the way to school. 19. Consider how it feels when someone says something mean, and write a poem about it. 20. Use alliteration at least five times to write a poem about all your favorite things. poetry writing prompts.

  16. 50 Poetry Prompts to Help Jumpstart Your Creativity

    1. Write a poem based on a recent dream you've had. 2. Write about whatever you see outside your window right now. 3. Write about a color without naming the color in the poem. 4. Write a poem about a country you've never been to but would like to visit one day. 5. Write about your childhood best friend. 6. Write a poem to your younger self. 7.

  17. Poetry Writing Prompts

    Welcome to Week Twelve of our 2023 Writing Prompt Journey! We have three new prompts awaiting you, and two words/concepts for each that you can try to include in your poems (if you crave a ...

  18. Inspiration Awaits: 51+ Poetry Writing Prompts

    Write a poem that is a series of questions. Write a poem to your past, present and future self. Describe your first kiss without using the words: lips, hands, kiss, touch, love or tongue. Write a poem/prose about a walk on a snowy moonlit night. This morning, I find myself surrounded by Write a love letter to your body.

  19. Best Poetry Writing Prompts of 2023

    Write an acrostic poem using the word H-O-M-E. Write a poem based on your happiest memory. Write a haiku about love. Pick a random number. Write a poem with that many stanzas. Write a poem with zero punctuation. Listen to your current surroundings. Write a poem based on what you hear. Write a poem about fall.

  20. Poetry Writing Lessons for Kids

    Here are many of the poetry writing lessons for children that I have created to help you become a better poet, including how to write funny poetry, poetic rhythm, poetic forms and other styles of verse, as well as lesson plans for teachers and video lessons. How to Write Funny Poetry. Chapter 1: Writing Poetry; Chapter 2: How to Rhyme

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    Set your creativity free with this range of essential books for aspiring poets, storytellers, and sketchers. Our selection of poetry prompts, sketching prompts, and children's story writing prompts will unleash your imagination and help you create pieces of art you never thought possible.

  22. [TT] Theme Thursday Poetry Week

    Here's how Theme Thursday works: Use the tag [TT] when submitting prompts that match this week's theme. Theme Thursday Rules. Leave onepoem between 100 and 500 words as a top-level comment. Use to check your word count.. Deadline: 11:59 PM CST next Tuesday No serials or stories that have been written for another prompt or feature here on WP

  23. 127 Creative Poetry Writing Prompts

    1. Childhood Home. Describe a particular home you remember from your childhood. 2. Growing Pains. Describe a uniquely painful time of transition. 3. Haiku Challenge. Write a haiku (7 syllables, 5 syllables, 7 syllables) about the perfect morning or evening. 4. The End of Something.

  24. Create A Poem: Writing Prompts For Poets (Volume 21) (Creative

    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Create A Poem: Writing Prompts For Poets (Volume 21) (Creative Keepsakes, 21) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!

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    St. Patrick's Day Activities : I am Lucky Because Writing & Craft Clover / Shamrock Template Boy and Girl with Sunglasses Writing / Drawing / Coloring / Cut and Paste Faceless Clover for Your Design Variety Writing TemplateSingle Lined TemplateSingle Lined Template and Blank SpaceBlank Template Opinion Writing March Projects 17 Pages Great for Preschool / Kindergarten / Grade 1st 2nd 3rd Ideas ...